So i dare to ask the question


why can i stand on these:

but not on these ?

i feel like i should either be able to stand on all of them and shit on stage 3 goli or none of them @MacMan

Are the pillars that hunters like to sit on going to be changed?

:Caution: slippery when dry


That’s a good question, the ones on The Dam and Fusion Plant are more rounded too so you would think it would be the other way around. It doesn’t bother me too much though as I don’t use them. :smile:


Good Indeed


There is a very strong probability that you will not be able to stand on any of those in an upcoming patch :wink:

Poles on the dam

I’ve had no trouble getting onto these, except for the ones on Armory. Strange.


That’s very disappointing, but I’m guessing it’s to balance out Crow or something?


There is an even stronger probability you will not be disappointed by this change :wink:


See now you are just making me curious and I’m trying to figure out why I don’t need to sit on top of those poles.


Map changes :smiley: Less relay pillar humping would be my educated guess :slight_smile:


But I like pillar humping it keeps the big bad wolf(reptile gorilla thing/teleporting floaty snake/big ball of fire/flying lightning octopus) away.


It also negates a lot of the advantage a 3rd stage monster has. A stage 3 fight SHOULD be favored for the monster. On some maps, a coordinated high level hunter team can kill a full HP/Armor monster because of this kind of abuse.


With monsters already having a higher win percentage compared to hunters, will there be any compensation? or will it just be a straight hunter nerf?


I don’t know the details, I don’t work for TRS. That being the case, the balance for Monsters isn’t that much higher than Hunters, even in high level games.


I agree that the pillar abuse should stop.Behemoth really can’t do much.

But if that stops i’d also think that making skills pass the damage behind the pillars should also not work.

Like if you are hiding behind a pillar and Goliath throws a rock in front of the pillar,the hunter behind it will get damaged.

Is that intentional?


i am pleased :slight_smile:



But wai? ;-;


Because hunters are not allowed to have a chance at stage 3 :grin:


It’s not even hard to smack them off…And then they have to expends tonnes of fuel and time to get up again and they can’t heal/shield/shoot during that time. :confused:


Thats true which is also why im wondering about why this aint a thing. Im assuming because behemoth players dont know how to fissure/lavabomb