So... I cant have Behemoth when i payed for him?


I bought monster race edition which included behemoth. BUT when I want to play him, it says I have to unlock him in store, but in store he is only for 15€.

Any fix?


He was pre order only. PCMR does not include him without a pre order.


Did you pre-order?


If you didn’t pre-order, you did not pay for him.

Contrary to popular belief, PCMR does not include Behemoth and it never did (aside from pre-orders).


Order pre did you


Wallet leech gunned? Confirmed


Ah…fk behemoth not gonna purchase him. But I will get the 5th monster for free am I rite?


Try to buy him at a discount. Rolling over people brings at least a bit of fun :smile:


Yeah, you’ll be getting 5th Monster for FREE while everyone else will have to pay for it. :wink:


That is correct! 5th monster and two T5 Hunters.


Ok thanks all.


Mind if I close this thread?


Only under name of mighty Dark Lord


In Kraken’s name, I close this thread.