So I Built a House on Evolve St


Address, X1. It was a glorious house, 40ft tall when completed. It had 15 rooms, all destined to be 3 star rooms, but 4 rooms were totally completed and macked out. Even Though construction was a little problematic and took a lot of time (93 hours to be exact) to get almost done at 39 feet. Then all of the sudden, the city came in and leveled my home to be with a bulldozer.

You see the city had the wrong address and bulldozed my home on accident. Now I am left building another home while the city tries to figure out what’s wrong, the only problem is my second home will prolly end up getting bulldozed too because the city hasn’t offered up any details, only we are working on it and eventually we will make it right.

I am left saying to myself Is all this time i am spending working on 2nd home in vain, Will i get the 2nd home built before they fix what happened in the 1st home? I don’t know because the city offers very few detail and don’t seem to realize that my time is valuable too.

Edit/update: They bulldozed the 2nd home too, at 26 feet. starting on a 3rd home on evolve st.


You got reset didnt you… i can read people so good


This has to be the most creative way of saying you’ve suffered from the progress reset bug yet.


I suffered from it 3 days ago, since then i have made it to 25ish, but now i have put more time staring other hunters. I wonder if the fix will merg my progression or make me choose which one to keep. I wish they woulda been a little more forth comming.

Dont get me wrong their communication with the community is top notch, but i put a lot of time in, more that 95 % id say. In fact im almost willing to bet ill hit 39 by the time a fix is in place.


Better than being built on Elm St


my advice is don’t build it on sand! Shear’s sand is known to have quite the appetite


Jesus said in the book of Mathew: a sower who sows his seeds on solid ground will see his vines flourish. … wait for the patch; solid ground


oh, you forgot to mention that all of the homeowners who didn’t get their house leveled…HATE AND RIDICULE YOU!


Yea thats the kicker, i guess some people really need to get punched in the nads to really know how it feels.


I hope we can get a update on the ETA of the fix