So I bought a new Xbox one

Agreed, being a gentleman payed off for once, most times its a trap but this one was a feel trip for me ;-;
Definitly enjoyed it tho ^.^

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Oh yeah, I know what you mean. I thought that was pretty great.

I haven’t beat it yet, but I’ve immensely enjoyed Dragon Age: Inquisition. Though you may need to play the other ones to get full enjoyment.

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Assassin’s Creed and Metro redux are great for playing solo. I loved Metro.

Oh you mean the stupid ending!

Witcher 3 solo could be good…forgot about that game.

I own Dragon Age for PC so already played that and all…along with Mordor.

I also wanted to get MKX as a huge MK fan. Evolve will wait once I get Internet here so I can get it on both pc and console

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I payed it 60$ and have only 12 hours played.Doesn’t matter for me.As you, huge MK fan and want to support them.The only bad thing right now, is that in Online you will be finding people who are much better than you.If you don’t have a problem with it, then buy it.For me, graphics, gameplay,variations and all that stuff, is the best MK out yet.

Yea im way too busy anymore to try and be somewhat competitive in games and one thought I had specifically about mkx and some other titles where I feel in order to keep up you have to play a boat load

The variation system is my favorite thing they came out with for the MK series and of course the new predator dlc.

Witcher 3 may be the first new game with the lengthy solo play and that gwent card game too in it.

For now I at least have Halo until I decide too…then hopefully I’ll have Internet in a months time and can have a bit more fun

You mean Matchmaking Nightmare 2014? Yup. :stuck_out_tongue:

But ya, Evolve, Witcher, Far Cry 4, Metro Redux. All good.

I’d also pick up Titanfall for like 15 dollars and give it a whirl, amazing game. :stuck_out_tongue:

No Roses, he was asking about games other than Evolve :wink:
#Shots fired


I said 2014.

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And I said


Also have titan fall already on the pc :wink:

Even if I have no pc to play right now. Witcher 3 sounds solid since it’s typically a pc game I’d likely not have bought otherwise

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Oh and onnnceee I get a pc and back to fully operational along with streaming, some changes will be coming from my end and should be interesting to follow if you are into watching people progress with stuff in life haha

Happy that you are back but why wait on Evolve unless of course you don’t have Internet for bone as well. How far along are you to building your rig? I also hope news is good on the medical front for you and yours.

I’m likely expecting august or end of august for Internet to be back up and running.

And yes, currently still no interweb for the bone so if anything its strictly solo gaming for now, so I can’t bother with purchasing evolve anyways for both pc and xbox.

The gaming rig is still far off as more important things are still at the forefront of life, I just kind of bought the bone while gamestop still had their trade in value at 150 for the 360 before it ended.

If anything I’ll be buying a surface pro 4 before a rig unless they officially say release for those won’t be till 2016.

Mothers cancer returned more aggressively and longer treatments are now necessary, she had yet another surgery this past Friday and I think first treatment in a week or so after a weekend retreat to the CT Lake house.

I’ve also been using my motorcycle to help pass the time while not working. Luckily the summer has been good here so typically I’m out riding to take my mind off of things for a while and visiting the bar I worked at for 2 years

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I was going to suggest some download games but you mentioned having no interent access yet?

Well I’ve recently been playing Borderlands the Handsome Collection.

I also recommend Shadow of Mordor if you haven’t played that yet.

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This.Maybe download from a friend and bring them over?Like take the console to a friend’s house, download games and then bring it back.

Also don’t you guys have some sort of Video-Clubs?When i was still playing my PS3, altho i’ve bought lots of games, most of them i was renting them.

It was like 2 euros for 1 week.Even if i wasn’t playing at all, with 4 euros-2 weeks was enough to beat every single player game i got

Well, looks like I’ll be getting Internet by today. Technician is here already working on it so we’ll see if it all works afterwards.

This at least gives me the ability to play on an Xbox while I save back up for a nice pc now at some point.

Question is do I buy Evolve for the one or not now hah

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It’s $25 today on Amazon!