So I bought a new Xbox one

And have no games to play currently with it except halo remastered.

What other games should I purchase to hold me over until I build a new pc after a few more months?

Keep in mind I likely still won’t have the Internet here until end of August once everything family wise gets situated with the cancer

Witcher 3 is a good one

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agreed, love Witcher 3

Wolfenstein: The New Order was awesome!
Metro Redux
AC4 is free for a couple days. You can just buy it on your phone/pc as long as you have XBL.

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I’m guessing you have Evolve? :stuck_out_tongue:

Farcry 4! Great game. Highly recommend it if you haven’t played it.

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Yes, I forgot about that!

That game is so easy, I beat it without even trying >:|

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There was a reason that they added an even harder difficulty to 3. Still I do have to agree. For the most part it was a very easy game.

…I’m not sure if you understood what I meant…

Are you saying you thought it was… actually difficult?

Think for a minute
Beat the game doing literally nothing
Do you understand now
Also nah, the game isn’t hard, its Skyrim with guns :DDD

Welcome to the club! :smile:

Heh I used to have an Xbox One earlier before, with madden and stuff…but yea back to having one again just dunno which to purchase.

And no…I currently do not actually own Evolve…

And gave away all those season 2 Xbox passes for it already as well.

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I get it now. Heh.

That was actually funny.

Also, I loved PM. <3

Yay someone understands XD

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I loved that because I Was curious what would happen if I actually did what he told me to. It was a pleasant surprise.

I’m enjoying the free smite beta and the world of tanks beta that fully come out later this month. Both free
I’m glad I can finally play all 7 of my teir 10s I earned on the 360 now on the One :smile:


Just wait for the 3 way cross platforming support :stuck_out_tongue:

…one man can dream.