So hunt 2.0 is taking a really long time to find matches for me


Im still in placements, and I have no done very well at all in them. I must have only won a single match, but it seems with each loss it is taking longer and longer (probably because it is searching for really low skilled players lol) but I haven’t played in a while and I wanted to try and become better at the game. I miss the old system, it was kind of random but at least I was able to get a game without having to wait 30 minutes.

Does anyone else have really long search times?


Hello, depending on your platform, location and the time of day searches for Hunt 2.0 can be longer than is ideal.

I’d suggest jumping into quickplay while you practice and then jump back to Hunt at a more ideal time.


Ideal time : weekends


ah, so even though im doing super bad and its trying to match me with other low skilled players, its simply just not a popular time to be on to begin with?

that really makes me happy because I really missed playing the game and I thought hunt 2.0 was going to screw me over from being able to play often


I had similar problems with my old account, where I scored low WLR ratio during placement matches some time ago. Once I got ranked and started to accumulate wins - this issue disappeared. So, just be patient - it WILL match you eventually.

I also recommend winning :wink:


I had tons of issues getting my placement matches sorted. It’s an iffy thing, and on top of that the matchmaking system wasn’t designed for a game with a low population. Weekends are usually the best times to play, though if you’re playing when it’s evening in Europe you should be able to find a few matches here and there as well.


Hahaha Yeah I’ll try that out, see if it works

The problem really was that I haven’t really played in a while but I didn’t want to do quick match because hunt is my favorite gamemode. So the issue exists that i’m not exactly cut out for anykind of ranked gameplay, at least not now.

Would be great if they made a quickmatch only for hunt, that was unranked and just kind of threw who ever together just so you can get into a quick hunt to have fun. That’s how the old hunt kind of worked if I remember, only I think the old hunt also took into consideration everyones profile level


And yeah, that’s like my main problem. I understand that my mmr is getting down super low, and that’s what ever. I figure when I start improving, i’ll start winning and it will go up. but the problem is, that this isn’t a game with a huge population, and I feel the lower I go, the less people exist for me to even be matched with.


I wish they implemented a system where the regions are open, or like in Awesomenauts, when you select in a menu where you want the game to search for matches. It’s been almost impossible to play online in my region South America, for ages. That’s why I play almost exclusively single player. Which I enjoy, but it’s not the point of the game.


yea, its completely 100% normal to take up to an hour :smile: but for real, it sometimes can, especially monster.

no matter if you lossed every single game possible or won every game, match time will still take an eternity


If you are on PC try setting different region in Steam settings. Many games match players based on this - I am not sure about evolve though.


The Division just dropped so all platforms are experiencing a big player drop. It should hopefully return back to normal in a week or two.


most poeple dont play hunt anymore cause it’s not balanced and you only see overpowered combinations. so its better to go quickplay but you gonna win 95% from noobies


I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Sure some people playing pubs are totally new to the game, but there also experienced players who are in Quickplay that help anyone new out there (therefore make it more balanced than Hunt 2.0 sometimes, where there are teams just don’t seem to coordinate)


The problem with Quickplay though is that you will lose lots of time on Arenas and Defends. I mean - if you look for Hunt.


And if there are 2…3 players with monster preference you can spend a lot of time waiting for your monster turn AND hunt match :confused:


Sure, I do know that trick but It’s not the ideal way to do it. Especially considering the low playerbase for Evolve on PC, it should be a native option. That’s what I ask.