So how's observer mode?


Didn’t find a chance to try out the new patch.

Is there a first person view option while observing hunters?


Nobody want to answer? :slight_smile:


@BlackAegis may be able to help you. He and some people were messing around with it yesterday.


I can’t even find observer mode! :smiley:


At the moment it’s only in custom games.


I was searching for a game and got put in observer mode. Strangely, when I left (because I wanted to play), I got put on that 60 second probation before being able to search for a game


I just spent the past few hours live with some games.

You can only spectate in third person.
It’s only in private matches.
@chittyshwimp’s is a bug, not the actual mode.


Hmm that’s strange I was in matchmaking when I got put into a spectator spot


Did it give you the fancy health UI on the right of your screen?


Yes, it had all the health bars, probability of which side would win (super cool feature imo), options to hide hud, etc.


Huh. That’s definitely a bug and should probably be posted over into the bugs section of these forums.


I made a thread about it in feedback


It’s a bug, not feedback…


Didn’t realize it was a bug at the time;I was put in the 60 second probation for leaving, and put it in the feedback section because I was suggesting not putting observers on probation.


Yeah, observer mode is only supposed to be in private matches.