So, how many people are here from Dawngate now?


Mostly something I’ve just been curious about ever since the game was shut down and I wanted to see if anyone i knew may have migrated here. For reference my IGN was Dodgytactics


Wow it shut down already? Never played it personally. The market is becoming too saturated with MOBAs trying to get a piece of the pie from LoL/DOTA/Smite.


it was mostly shutdown due to EA being well… EA so the reasoning was unclear as it came right after a patch so its hard to say what their reasoning was tbh

game was pretty good out of all the other mobas that were fighting for the third spot i think it would have been a very good competitor against heros of the storm to say the least


Dawngate is one of those games I never hear people talk about and it seems like the numbers were too low and not profitable for it to receive further funding. Smite is one of the few MOBAs that did something fresh using real time, 3rd person combat instead of the isometric view. They’re pretty much up there with DOTA and catching up to LoL.


Dawngate was fun for like a month, then lost it’s appeal. I think Smite was a clearly superior game, and has a better claim to “third” than dawngate ever did.


Seems to me like the MOBA market would just be too difficult to compete in. Maybe Blizzard can pull something off, but I think only they really could have a chance.


well anyways the point of said thread was to see if anyone from dawngate came here doesnt look like it so far oh well

and most opinions from fans of the game was that it wasn’t given time to grow since it was in open beta for like 6 ish months if i remember correctly which really isn’t enough time to see whether it will grow or fail imo


The major flaw in dawngate (IMO) was that it didn’t TRULY do anything unique. It’s most unique idea was that you had a much easier time at putting any shaper in any position, but other than that, it followed the same formula that LoL does.


Yo, I think we should just let the guy find other Dawngate players. I think we made our point already on the game lol.


shrug Fair enough.


I liked Dawngate. It was cool.


and now its collecting dust in EAs vault of death :slight_smile:


Command and Conquer 4 RIP


oh ya i remember hearing about that… im gonna guess it got EA’ed?


if that got EA’d i can kiss BFME 3 gone as well im guessing… RIP RTS…


Ya, C&C 4 was such a rip :frowning: After the introduction of the Scrim and just the cliffhanger ending of the 3rd game I was so pumped for the next one. Then it turned out to be one of the bigger piles of crap to come out in years. Here is a good idea, lets take a resource management RTS and get rid of resources and add in a stupid rock/paper/scissors mobile base combat platform -.- WTF were they thinking?


was that the one where you could get final tier units out in like 7 minutes. and the scrim were broken as hell specially late game?


ya i remember seeing that and just being so confused as to what the hell they were doing at the time, i honestly hope EA changes their business practices or else they’ll just get voted #1 hated company again… for the third time now


The 3rd game had the Scrim. The Scrim weren’t even in the 4th game. As for the 3rd game, balance issues aside, I was just happy with the story :slight_smile: I also wish that there was a MP version of the ‘risk like’ mini game they had. My brother and I wished we could play that all the time against eachother.


I dunno, Comcast is trying really hard to be the leader. haha. I think that gaming companies have it worst because the people nmost likely to vote are going to be the ones that are online the most :stuck_out_tongue: