So how long until an emergency balance patch on Elder Kraken and Kraken's in general?


I struggled with them before Elder Kraken became the new rotation, now I’m witnessing stage 1 first dome wipes in every match.

You guys were quick to jump in to fix Wraith, how long until we can expect the game to be fun and balanced again? Or should I just queue monster?



No specifics as of now, but they have been kicking them out which is pretty dang nice


Yeah, the patching in response to gameplay issues has been pretty damn reassuring, hence the question.


Works when its small lol

So is he still OP in Stage 2 compared to legacy?


I don’t know how to do that :frowning:


Never seen a Kraken get to stage 2, the match is always over before then. Hell, I’ve even experienced the lovely “Kraken mine the hunter spawn” tactic. Lovely antics that ended a game at 1.30ish


I see no reason for a patch, Kraken has always been considered one of the strongest monsters.

Still, I’m yet to see a Kraken at Stage 2 since the new Beta, they extremely easy to kill if you know what you are doing.


I tried playing Elder Kraken, and it seems like it’s just another situation of way too many perks and chain lighting. I don’t play Monster at all so my perks are awful, but even I’m doing ridiculous amounts of damage without much effort. Not winning but that’s because I’m not practiced in playing monster at all.


I know, but I’m getting “Has replied” every so often and my hopes are being dashed when my lack of morse code gets rubbed in my face :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess you playing against bad hunters, cause even skilled monsters with Kraken are rarely a threat.

Try ranked with Kraken, good luck :sunglasses:


As I said before, I’m not a monster player at all :stuck_out_tongue: But the sheer damage output does raise some questions. Especially considering he’s the free monster and new players (Or people who played a free weekend before it went F2P and don’t have all your skills or practices down) might be in the situation where you know, the game isn’t fun or rewarding?


well if you do want to become a monster player, play Kraken, its very tough to lose


I’d rather “git gud” with Goliath, my friend plays a mean Goliath and they seem pretty threatening when played right.


Never seen Kraken do anything worth talking in terms of damage, is on par with all the others.

Three skills are enough to down a hunter with a monster.


Ah yes, Goliath requires something called aiming, something Kraken players can Avoid. I love putting all my points in Rock throw


19k damage on one skill alone (Chain lightning) and all other abilities where at 5-9k and I barely got 1-2mins in Stage Two of having all abilities. Two domes as well.


They’re attempting to get balance patches out every Tuesday


Thanks mate, I’ll just have to hard-mode the weekend then :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe the game isn’t the problem, your own skill could be the problem.


Well I have said several times that I’m still coming to terms with the game and mechanics, Hell I asked for advice from other players yesterday. But sheer raw damage output and no real “counter” that is readily available at the start of the game does require some consideration. Or should all players just suffer through the smash until they have the perks required to “enjoy the game”.