So how does one actually report a Hacker?


I joined into an in-progress evactuation match, day 4, where the goliath was hacking very obviously.

He had zero cooldown for all of his abilities and was spamming leap smash like it was going out of style.

Come defense day 5, even his hacking couldn’t save his a$$ and we put him down, but day 4 wasn’t very pleasent, and neither is hacking. So if anyone knows how to report this kinda business, or if TRS just wants to see that this is happening from day 1, I would like to know where to go with this. Thank you.


Was it hacking or maybe a weird bug


It was definitely hacking. Me and the other hunters had a chat about reporting him

I can link the video if you want.


Please do, would be interested in seeing it.

#5 that should be day 5.


It’s a shame to see there’s already hackers in such a great game. .3.


There already was a hacker reported in Beta as well.

And that is definitely dodgy(AKA: probably a hacker), fun to watch though and glad you all still won :smiley:

You could always message @MacMan , he might be able to actually do something about it.


Well if I actually start running into hackers, then that would be it, I would be done with the game.

I mean you have to have prevention in place for this type of thing.


I’m afraid this problem is very real. I’ve had a run in with two hackers today - both seemingly having zero cooldown on their abilities. I don’t have video recording so no videos, but just imagine a constant barrage of rank 3 vortexes at stage 1.

That shit just ain’t fair.


Not defending cheating one bit… however, as a primary monster player, when I start with the 15% cooldown buff, then get a 35% cooldown perk, then go in combat… by the time I cycle through my abilities, they are ready to be used again.

Of course, leap smash 10 times in a row…that is hinky.


Damn. That really sucks to see at this early stage. Good job you recorded it. Can we get any of the devs @MacMan @SlabOMeat to take a look at what’s happening here? Could well be an exploit/bug rather than a full on cheat.


I am very happy you have this recorded. I really hope this is more of a bug exploit because I did hear about leap smash spammers BUT if it was hacking, now we know the guy’s gamer name. Class act and shows your dedication to Evolve for sticking through the evac. until the end and good on you for defeating him.


Unfortunately there has been another hacking incident in the beta too, it was somewhere in the threads I remember, where I saw a Hank 1 v 1 the monster with super speed and steroids and the other match had a monster player with no cool down reduction was practically on super roller skates


Thanks for the video. We obviously don’t want anyone abusing unintended functionality, whether that’s a bug or an exploit.

Just for future reference, 2K has a customer service system that we are using to help track bug reports. I think this is the correct URL for starting a ticket:


Thank you for that link.


ya, that’s way too many leap smashes… good on you guys for pulling off a win though. markov would be proud. :assault:

(what happened to the markov emoji btw? wasn’t he the only one originally? :stuck_out_tongue: )