So how does monster play in party work in the final game?


So my copy of Evolve haven’t arrived yet.Of course.Perks of living in Eastern Europe.So i want to ask,will I be able to play as monster against my friends in the full game?I’m buying the game with a friend of mine,that’s it.So I heard if we have a 5 ppl party we will be able to play as monster,but we won’t ever have a 5 ppl party so…I heard there is another option,custom games…Now how does custom games differ from ranked games?Will we be able to progress?Are we able to open the game to the public,so random players can join in,or if I want to play as the Monster,my friend will be stuck with bots?Becouse if that’s the case,than he won’t really have a chance,cuz as I seen in the Alpha and the Beta Monsters were more powerful then hunters anyway.If this issue is not resolved then this makes the game way worse for me than it could have been.


I believe you’ll only be able to during custom games. (for obvious leaderboard issues)
At least, that’s what i’ve noticed so far. If you go for actual matchmade games, you’ll not be able to pick monster if you’re queueing up with friends.


Custom games are games where you can change everything, map/mode, number of strikes possible, add different conditions for maps etc. You cannot open it to public and as far as I know, you can’t progress in it. 5 people party is not possible and you cannot play as monster if you are in party. I might be wrong though.


I can’t open it to public?That is just stupid…Why do the devs think that people don’t want to play as the monster when playing with friends?I mean ok you can’t be the monster in ranked play,but in unranked when you can’t even progress why can’t you play a game with your friends AND some random ppl?Playing with bots isn’t that fun at all,especially if you can’t progress,it just seems pointless,and the monster is my favorite role,I really enjoyed playing as Monster in the Alpha and Beta,but I also want to play with my friend so…if this is true and there is no way that I could be the monster when I’m playing with my friend without having any bots in the game than this is deeply disappointing…


You can join into a party and join a public lobby to play with your freinds. Also, I’m pretty sure you can have your party play monster too. You DO gain progression against bots and in any mode. So far none of these horrible scenarios are true, from what I know.


Lots of misinformation already in this thread lol.

A 5 person party can indeed play as hunters and the monster.

Custom games will let you do anything. You can play by yourself against all bots. With just one friend and fill the rest with bots. Of you can play a custom match with all 5 players where you can change all the settings etc.

You can also play a 5 person party in Hunt mode.


By 5 players you mean that I can open it to the public,or i have to invite 5 friends?If that’s the case than it makes more sense to invite 5 ppl to the normal hunt mode where we can actually progress.


I mean invite 5 friends… not sure if you can open it to the public (I want to say no, but again, not sure).

Normally you probably would want to do that. The custom is more for if you want something specific I would imagine, since you can choose specifics.


That is what I’m talking about…I don’t have 4 friends that have this game,so the only way i could do that if i friend a lot of random ppl that have the game,but i don’t want 2000 ppl on my steam friend list and that is the same if i just play with random guys becouse I don’t know any of them so I don’t see why can’t I just play with random guys in the first place…


Of course you can play with random people lol… 1-4 people you can play with a random in whatever mode… you can even do it with a party of 5 but then you wouldn’t actually search for a random but you would still technically be in hunt mode.

You would join hunt, invite friends, and then search for a game.


I meant play with one friend 3 random ppl and I can be the monster.In custom game,I don’t progress that’s k just let me beat the shit out of my friend and some random guys as the monster :stuck_out_tongue:


And I’m pretty sure you can. Not sure though because you could be getting into potential cheese/boosting territory there.


Well if I don’t progress in custom than it’s not boosting…It would be good the get some confirmation on this,by a dev maybe,but the game is out so anyone can check it who already have the game,i have to wait for another two days…


I can defintely check for you when I get home but I’m not sure right now.


Thank you mate.I really hope it’s possible some way.By the way as I said I’m not getting my copy until Thursday,but after if you want to play with my add me on steam :smile: : My profile


I have a feeling that one of the option will work though. I’m almost sure you can either have 1 friend and you be monster while he joins public (if nothing else you don’t join a party and just invite him to game and from your friends list and join, that will work for sure). I also think you may be able to fill a game from custom as well, but less confident about that option.

Does Steam work with Xbox now? :slight_smile:

Destined to be star-crossed lovers it seems friend.


I sure hope so.Nothing is better than destroying your friend while he is screaming on teamspeak :smiley:
My bad,I thought you were playing on PC as well. :smiley:


No I’m one of “those guys” lol. Playing for the green team.


I’ve always been a PC gamer,I can never get use to the controller in first person shooters.


I plan to join the master race. This will be my last console (except Nintendo). I’ve been playing a lot of pc games on my Mac lately as well. I love LoL and I plan to return to my long time love affair, Starcraft.

Pc imo, does seem to have major advantages if you want to put a bit of extra money into it. I’m just never going to be one of those people who say there is no point to console gaming lol.