So How Does Jack Work?


Title title title title.


Satellite scans for prints and Monster. If it finds them an icon pops up. But it won’t track. Just alert you to the position.

Quad pistols do damage and I dont think there is any down time on them but they are kinda weak it seems.

Repulsor ray snaps to the monsters and slows its forward motion. But doesn’t pull it.


Does the scanner drag down a Kraken?

Also, how much damage does it do?


Can someone post the tutorial video so us slow internet people/non-buyers can see him in action?


The scanner just scans. Why would it pull down kraken? The repulsor is supposed to push kraken if you can ger above him and use it. Also the scanner does zero damage?


One of the testers said it does a lot of damage.


I watched it scan and I didn’t see any. But the tester no more than I do so trust what they said. I will keep an eye out.


I’m bummed it doesn’t work on creatures like the sloth. I had one charge at me and tried to repulse it…nadda.


It should. Stasis does. I think it makes sense for it to stop wildlife.


I’ll give it more tries…perhaps I was in a bad position?


When I said “It should” I meant to say “I wish it did!” Sorry about that.


The scanner actually damages the monster a NICE chunk. His repulsor I have found to be a little useless but the scanner being used mid battle as a small orbital laser is really useful.


Does it have a height limit?


I really hope they buff the repulse. I know it is kinda early but just watching monsters walk right towards him is weird. I also saw a Kraken still drop like atom bomb with AS even while he was using repulse.


Well now that I just watched jack’s advanced tutorial, he can ground a kraken. Or when a kraken does an aftershock airborne he can keep him there. So he can shut down kraken, he shut down my wraith a few times.


Scanner damage hurts a bit surprisingly.


A few questions to get this topic going whilst I’m away from my PS4.

  • what is the range of the satellite survey? I saw it stop before it reached me. Why exactly?

  • what does “+ 2 pings” mean?

  • what is the charge for repulsor? What drains it and estimated rate of drain?

  • what is the rate of charge for repulsor gloves?

  • how long does satellite mark monsters for?

  • does satellite detect the last stealthier footprint too?

We need a central hub for Jack info, I’ve seen some scattered topics.


Scanner also detects through buildings so no aerial coverage aid. Not sure if there’s a max penetration for it.

  • what is the damage of a satellite scanner? It’s quite hefty.

Repulsor + orbital btw @warpathchris


Very vague title.


Is there a way to pull kraken down with the repulsor?