So how do pre orders work?


I’ve never pre orded a game before because my local best buy always has a ton of copies on release day and for the next week.

Now since i preordered Evolve do they ship ahead of time so i get it when (or before) the servers go live or does it ship on Feb 10th and i have to wait for the snail mail to finally get around to delivering it?

I Pre Ordered through 2K studios if that information is relevant.


I pre-order stuff on steam now makes it way easier.

I only once pre-orderd something in a store and had to go to the store to actually get the copy. ( after release date )


How and when is different from game to game and from retailer to retailer its best to ask them.
Havent bought something via 2K studios so i dont know how they handle it


guess i shoulda mentioned for XB1 too lol.

i hate the hell out of steam too


Why its so easy lol, but its the only way i can buy PC games :smile:

And yea maybe you could contact 2K for more info about this. Could be diffrent from retailer to retailer, but i doubt you get it earlier then someone who goes to a midnight launch( if they have one) unless you go yourself.


Just pre-order on steam, i pre-ordered on amazon and that got me about 15 alpha codes to give out, but i’ll be cancelling it just through the shear ease of getting it on steam.


he just said it is for xbox one lol


Ahh sorry i just presume everyone plays on pc nowdays.


i do most of my Gaming on PC. I do some games on XB1 because my friend is less fortunate and his PC can barely handle Dota2 in minimum GFX settings. and sometimes i just want to lazily play a game on my bed.

Evolve also felt a little better on the xbox (controls wise) then on PC ( i played both during the alpha tests) (although i never thought about pluggin my 360 controller into my pc…)


Yeah i completely understand the sheer joy of playing on the bed, i have a ps4 and xbone which i hardly touch i just can’t aim with a controller competitively, just an old boy stuck in his old ways :p.