So.. Host for T5 or No...?


I’ve been seeing a couple of threads popping up recently requesting that the Host Monster from the Development phase be added to the game…

Is this happening? Is it a thing? I for one am very eager for nightmare fuel…


It’s highly unlikely due to the monster player needing to rely on the AI.


Yeah, I’ve read through the threads but they were talking about it as a possibility.


the trend atm is to fix the bugs first then the hunters can start rolling in lol,


People would like it but I don’t see it happening. Not sure it would fit the game now anyway.


Why not?

10 char


It’s currently not a very relatable model. It’s a cloud more or less of smaller beings. I just don’t see it meshing well aesthetically.

Now that I’ve said that it WILL be the next monster and TRS will have made it work. :slight_smile:



Yeah I couldn’t see them do a host monster. No one wants anymore skills based around A.I.


I’m hoping that the Tier 5 Monster is mamallian or arthropodic or at least that two Monsters down the road will be, as well as new interestng themes for them to follow (ice, botanical, etc.)


I’d personally like to see a Yeti-esque monster for Ice…


Why is everyone saying Host is impossible?

They can retool the abilities and make them something else



The player controlled host was terrible you rely on everything but yourself to win look at baby gol already god awful to have, add a monster that relies on that to win GG


Good point,

I would say combine player controlled skills with AI… attacks like:

some kind of Egg/parasite mine; place up to five around the environment, when hunter/wildlife are close they explode sending out small parasitic creatures that latch onto the hunter/wildlife and deal small damage over time… they could only be shot off by other hunters for added chaos.

Something like boomer bile from L4D; throw out a ball of slime that covers the hunter/wildlife, makes all sort of parasite’s hatch from the monster and attracts them straight to covered hunter/wildlife in a swarm attack.

Some kind of ‘infection’ attack; looks and acts very similar to the monsters sneak attack but fills the hunter/wildlife with parasite’s that ever burst out after some time - if hunter/wildlife escapes alive - or burst out of a corps on proximity to hunters attacking anything near.


I would love the Host to be the Fifth monster. Tbh i would like more A.I abilities :slight_smile: The Ai the Host used looked fun and i believe they said the Host could equip them aswell. Like one was a wasp type and if the Host equipped that it could fly.


See: Retool abilities.


See: Host is host because those abilities.

Host without those abilities ceases to be host.

Solution: Make new monster.


All three examples were based somewhat on the abilitys showen in the Host video footage just ‘retooled’ as SArais put it; not saying that even with these kind of more player centered abilitys Host would be a good monster if the Dev’s did it, however though it would not realy be host it would not realy be not-Host ever… just the basic idea taken and worked in a slightly different way.


I need a monster with FUR for the 5th monster.


Could I interest you in a 60 ton gorilla?