So have the human colonists been removed from game?


If so how come? As I noticed I haven’t seen them in recent footage and im sure I remember when goliath was storming the facility the emphasis was on eating humans? Would be a shame as I was looking forward to laying waste to some terrified colonists! Lol


Oh they are still in there! I think @Matthew has said a couple of times about the stuff he’s written for the NPC characters! I don’t think they’ve been removed! :smiley:


Just i cant remember last time i saw a npc human in any video, and I vaguely recall hearing they had been taken out? Hope I’m wrong though.


If I recall them saying that first time around, the Monster had to break into a facility and eat some scientists in order to win a match (that is if they reach level 3) but they changed it to destroying a generator in the end. Well that’s what I remember reading anyways!


Yeah that’s ringing a bell as to what I heard too, so I wonder if they have ditched the scientists and other weak tasty human snacks :frowning:


Maybe they will have them in the campaign mode like that’s your mission destroy the facility’s eat the humans


I recall that on the newest twitch stream (the one with the sneaky game), the kraken opens up by eating some colonists in the back of the dam. They were already dead though, so it’s hard to say.


Yeah, the dam map opens with a bunch of destroyed vehicles, smashed surroundings, and stray human corpses, obviously suggesting the monster just finished wrecking the joint when the hunters showed up.


Which vid is that? I’d like to watch that one.


Likely the ones from E3.

Here’s one of them linked. You can view all past Twitch broadcasts that get archived by streamers, up to 30 days streams are kept on Twitch if they opt for it. So there are roughly 3 videos still on the EolveGame channel on Twitch to watch from this past E3.

Here is one of them.

E3 Evolve Gameplay Video


This one specifically:

The monster eats what I think arr humans at a little past 2:15


Nope, they’re still there. I can’t say in what capacity but they are definitely around.

Humans as wildife

Interesting…let the speculation and wild theories commence! :smiley:


It’s another government cover up I tell you, there’s no way these people could just be disappearing lol


Here’s hoping there’s another game mode where the monster still has to eat them to win. It seems like that could be more challenging for the hunters than defending the generators.


Do you mean like if you eat them they don’t respawn or do you meen like when there all dead you win and that’s the only way?


I meant that instead of destroying the generator at Stage Three, the monster instead has to stalk and eat the NPC colonists at the base. Which means the hunters can’t just hunker down in one spot, they have to either intercept the monster before it can reaches, or at least try to stop it before it eats too many people.