So had a interesting game a few hours ago


Beat King as Lazarus. As in that King who is at the top of the scoreboard as Goliath. As in the guy who keeps quitting after/before a loss.

I beat that King as Lazarus… In a pub team.



Never heard of him! I seem to generally recall the name, but about 8 hours ago, I feel like every memory of him was wiped from my mind…


Oh that sounds lovely. After that game I stopped thinking of him as a capable player.


because hese not


Yeeeeaaaaah…He isn’t great.

You messaged me on Steam today yelling KING GOT BANNED! :stuck_out_tongue:




…From the forums. According to the good poet Mortalbound.


Still, it’s awesome


Yeah I really don’t care. :slight_smile:


King isn’t that great a monster. He just exploited leaderboards to get to the top. I’ve done the same to top PC monsters, with pugs even…


Wait who is this “king” and why was he banned!? (clueless banana is clueless)


A troll and multi-accounter who incited a lot of anger on the forums. Technically, not banned, but both his accounts are suspended for a few weeks, and I checked the leaderboard earlier - He’s not on there anymore.


He’s not on there because now he can’t dodge losses by ragequitting.


Yeah. He just sucks.

tfw beat him at stage one with newbie Hank. Granted, was schooling the guy trough, but still.


He posted a screen of the leaderboards yesterday showing that he was actually still in first, with 3000 wins and 78 deaths. Which has since been removed.