So guess the name of my cat (it's an evolve character)


Title says it all. I named my new cat after a character on evolve. Winner gets the satisfaction of winning.


Goliath. :smiley_cat:


ummm Daisy!


Boy or Girl?

Girl - Caira
Boy = Hyde




DING DING DING. My cat is Gobi! It just sort of fit him I guess. I plan on throwing him around the house and yelling find the monster. He may not live long if I do



Edit: Misunderstood, thought we were voting on a name…


Whenever you call him, you have to say “Gobi, come here” 900 times in a row :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been putting him on my arm and imagining u got a cool new crow skin


cats are dumb dogs only come when called


Omg is that the new Gobi Icon


Mr. Fluff comes when you call him (hes a cat)
But Butch…Butch is an old fart that doesn’t listen to anyone unless it involves food >_>


if something has my dogs interest food is invisible to him


But does he wear a chicken hat >:3


ayyy lmao.



Wait What? He was right? Wow… Your cat must see all on a daily basis.




Ugh I need ittttt. I can’t elite Behemoth until we have the Behemoth Icon for my biooooo.


I’m working on it!


Okey Ty m’lord!