So Goliath has instant rock throws


As if Kraken’s flight code being broken wasn’t enough, Goliath’s currently has super speed rock throws. His animation literally appears to take 1/3rd of the time. I surmise this is a bad way of celebrating last weekends social goal? So with he can now successfully combo stunlock a hunter from 100-0 hp in Stage 2 and 3. Bugs TRS, bugs everywhere;-;


Are you talking about the weird thing where he doesnt really pick up a rock, he sort of half asses it and like half way up it just sorta flys at you?


Well it appears to be more of a speed run of the animation, where he can leap smash and then while you’re halfway in the air(in a heavy attack stun) the rocks already inbound.


This isn’t ‘leaprock’ though, a previous exploit. This is simply rock throw itself as a skill having a extremely quick time from when you press the rock throw skill button to actualization.


Ah yes, I found out about this last night, I leap smashed someone, hit the rock throw button, then it just rushed through the animation and my rock Rocketed (sorry) at em. Its rather strange


I use it all the time since I “discovered” it , when a goliath player stomped me with it. Kinda reminds of the old “Haymaker” from L4D2. If rock curving was also in the game - I would die happy :smile:


Heard it

Seen it

Got hit with it

God fucking sucks how fast it goes


How does the thing with leapsmash and Rock throw work?
Just spam the abilitys? Cause you have to double press for both to select the skill and one to trigger it.


I’ve heard pressing m1 during the animation just makes you throw it faster. Maybe it’s supposed to do this and you don’t see the arc/landing area when you quick rock? dunno


Its more just a tap of the ability button, no reticle, no aiming, just a really, really fast rock throw