So, Founders will have a distinct advantage for the first few months?


Apart from having previous gameplay experience, Founders will be able to instantly buy and fully upgrade enough perks for a couple of hunters and the monsters. It will take a month or two before the newcomers will have that amount of money.

Anyone else think that’s a bit… meh? It might draw away players who are playing with a big disadvantage until they have put enough hours into the game. I know it would put me off if I wasn’t a founder.


who says that founders buy perks? some of them buy the new skins or save for stuff thats gonna be released later on


Yeah, I think that’s what is happening atm. I’m not playing monster since yesterday bcs I kept getting rekt. So far I lost one game as hunters bcs I got matched up with low lvl noobs.


I never play monster, its just not fair when i’m the monster. Its not that i’m a great player or anything, but its more like the hunters lack experience for a fair fight with me.

But as a hunter the game is pretty challenging since its pretty impossible to carry the game yourself


[quote=“kingsky, post:4, topic:91290”]
I never play monster, its just not fair when i’m the monster. Its not that i’m a great player or anything, but its more like the hunters lack experience for a fair fight with me.
[/quote]Well, you’re a scholar and a gentleman, my good sir.


Carrying on your own? Definitely impossible.

Carrying with JUST the Assault and Medic? Now that… that’s definitely difficult, but it is doable. I’ve done it.


we get 30k, one game gives 1k. is that right? 30 games advantage doesnt seem much.


How come one game gives you 1k?
I get like 600 max if you get a lvl up ro sth.


The most I’ve seen someone get in a match is 700+. 30k is enough to net you a few characters, so I’d say it’s definitely a good perk. Doesn’t exactly give you a huge advantage, just gives you perks, skins, and characters a tad quicker.


Perks are give a high advantage. If you pick up a good kit like Rouge Val + some good perks you can carry the game even with noob players.
I mean I picked up Rouge Val (you have any abbreviation for her?) and even w/o any superior perks I was stalling pretty well. On top of that her DPS is pretty good especially if you land headshots.


You can carry a hunter team as medic or support combined with talking in mic. And people actually listen to you.

Either way, I am a founder, I got what, 5k? That gave me like 1-2 perk upgradesa, wupi-fucking-do. Big deal.


We just call her R Val, or Rogue.

Yeah, I don’t have PC so I don’t know what weird perks you guys have. Though, I doubt they effectively make you unstoppable.

PS: Adaptation abbreviations are as follows… R Val, Blitzkov, Meaty, Mad Magz, TS Hank, Kelder, RoboGriff, and Renegabe.


Well, if you stick to one character which is what I would do if I wasn’t a founder you can simply max out the best perks for that character until you can move to something else.(That also doesn’t take too long) You do NOT need all the perks to win. Just make sure you max the best perks for that one character that you enjoy most. Then when you have enough Keys you can switch it up and buy another character etc…

At least that is what I would do if I was completely new to the game. :slight_smile:


With the enormous ammount of silver keys I’ve got with the update (wich was 27 000), I bought all the weapon skins. No jokes, all the weapon skins.
And before getting the 27 000 SK, I had bought the three pink hunter skins (now I’ll call pink Bucket “Bucketplier” because of the mustache and the color combined together)


I don’t understand why those who bought the season passes don’t get anything extra for the money they spent. The 30k are only allowing those who only bought the base game to get the season pass hunters sooner and for free. People who paid for something exclusive for the original game should be compensated for stage 2 as well. People often try to make the point that this is some form of entitlement, They would not be happy if they paid for something only to turn around and have it given to the next person completely free. And yes I did just recently purchase the game and the DLC for myself and my friends less than a month ago. I also thing its wonderful the base game is free to play and has boosted the community but more thought should have been put into how all of this was implemented.



Yes, you’ve understood, this guy:

(I’m currently laughing because of he stupidity I’m making in this topic)


plus, founders deserve to get more stuff for purchasing/supporting the game before Stage 2


Thats true, thats why i was hoping the old albino skin would be legacy like the golden Goliath.


That’s why they should get deluxe skins etc.
For example Warframe founders got stuff exclusive only for them like a badge on forums and an exlusive kit.
IMO Evolve founders should get like a bunch of skins. Not a bunch of advantage especially that this is a (somewhat) competetive game.