So Few Skins



When the update dropped why were so many skins also dropped? I don’t really understand why.

I mean, everything went free so why did so many skins become unavailable. I get why there’s so few body skins but things like “Red Panda” Goliath and “Jellyfish” Wraith and everything are completely gone. When “Renegabe” was leaked some of these skins were also added to the store but now they’re gone. I can’t even have a fully pink Bucket yet!!!

Any updates for the future on this? @Developers


That’s weird. Could possibly be a glitch.


I hope they’re not planning to re-release those as paid content in the future…


The game is completely free. Wouldn’t make any sense if they did.


They said they’re gonna rotate between skins.


Well maybe on future they add some Skins / Cosmetic as paid content for support the game economy… i mean it’s a F2P now so they will need some somey to get all working. Im sure they will add more Skins to unlock with Silver keys too but atm i think they add a small amount of content to start testing the “new game”. I think they want first of all, that the game is fully functional before start adding all the previous content.


We didn’t want to give off everything we have all at once. Expect to see perks, Hunter skins, monster skins, and maybe even weapon skins? in the coming weeks/months!


Isn’t this technically a beta? Would be silly to have skins in a beta, imo.


On a side note, I noticed the frostbite skin was changed, Goliath/Kraken’s eyes are now red instead of green, is this intended ?

I prefered the green eyes :slight_smile:


So will everything that was previously purchasable and more be unlockable in the future? I mean, there’s skins that don’t have counterparts, there’s a severe lack of Monster skins just…

I cry… my hunger for customization consumes me ;-;