So feeding glitch thats been around forever [All platforms]


if you eat something right after its dead like instantly it will stop the feeding a second after it started and you cant eat the body for like 2 seconds It dosent always happen but when it does its annoying
I don’t have a video yet


It happens to me all the time when playing Behemoth, pisses me off when it happens to buffed wildlife.


I hate this bug because it always makes me think I’m being shot and then I panic-burn my traversals >_<


THANK GOD someone has finally vocalized (kinda) about this bug! Been bothering me for months but I’m so used to it I don’t even bother on the forums!


Playing solo this doesn’t happen, but when playing online I get this all the time. Your not alone :confused: Hopefully this is fixed soon.


Ive been playing this game since the closed technical test in October 2014… It’s still in the game unfortunately :frowning: I think it’s a latency issue though, maybe


It’s because the ragdoll of the NPC becomes a separate entity, a corpse so when the entity shifts from a ragdoll to a corpse you stop eating.


Title edit: Changed from X1 -> All platforms (since this does affect all platforms and is infuriating…)

Hoping this gets fixed next TU…


Yes, TU come soon. People still look at me weird when they come into my room, and I am screaming “EAT EAT EAT” at the top of my lungs.


OMG I thought it was just me this is like one of my all time most annoying things about playing as monster. It really drives me crazy because as monster you’re really in a hurry and every second counts.