So excited for this game to be released


As a kid I’ve always been so fascinated with creatures and aliens (I played a lot of SC Broodwar in my days growing up). The idea of playing a monster and being able to smash and wreck havoc on enemy players has been my dream idea of a game. Thank you so much for this game, it was exactly what I was hoping for. To even further my point of enjoyment, when the beta ended I felt demotivated to play anything else because it just didn’t feel the same. Anyone else have this same dilemma :laughing: ?


Join the club.


There are like a hundred “Evolve addict anonymous” threads around this forums. Yes, I think we all are in the same situation as you.


Same, but I feel if my friend had PS4, he would play Non-stop. (He loves Godzilla. And Goliath looks like him)


Thank god i got early acces :smiley:


D:!!! not fair haha.


Little late to the party I see. Didn’t get in the beta?


The rest of us can only watch.



I got to play! :smiley:


I got to play too :).


turned on the xbox to play some world of tanks earlier. ended up watching beta gameplay on youtube instead. (thanks for uploading @MaddCow!)


Yea, I’m kind of bored right now. Hopefully Dying Light and Grey Goo can occupy me enough to not think of Evolve so these last few weeks go quick!