So euhm... which medic do I play now?


Honestly with Lazarus’s nerfs, I’m kind of stuck on what medic to play now.

Val maybe, but she got nerfed as well.

Rogue Val? Never really appealed to me…

Caira? Sure, if I don’t fall asleep halfway through the match…

Slim and EMET are bad medics as well so…


all of them


Slim isn’t bad just incredibly hard to play and perk reliant. Things like Caira/RVal are just consistent especially at lower medic skill.


Rogue Val and Caira are the the only Medics worth playing. The rest will just die to any decent monster player.


I kind of like Slim. But as said, he requires skill, and is reliant on perks


What perks do you guys recommend for Slim? And I’ve personally been enjoying Laz a lot, although I do wish his invisibility was either longer duration or more resistant to AOE attacks, and I am pretty bummed that reviving dead players gives them a tick. Still nice to be able to get downed people up fast with no tick though.


Slim is pretty awesome, if you can learn to be good with him.

Lazarus nerfs? His damage was reduced a tiny bit…He’s still alright, is he not? Just a little while ago I think I saw you making a thread on how good he was. Or was that someone else?

Val is still pretty good, nerfs or not. Still decent. Rogue Val is pretty good now, but I can understand it doesn’t appeal to you.

I think you should give Caira a second chance. She’s really much, much, much more fun than she seems when the monster is halfway decent.

Emet is pretty mediocre for now though.


For the moment i’m finding pretty well with rogue val and caira…


Slim is absolute garbage. They’ve stuffed up his spore cloud completely.
EMet is rubbish.
Lazarus is still great and has massive heal burst.
Rogue Val is also great fun, can revive and heal while standing near team mates and the poison dart is fun.
Rest are just meh.


Emet is a bad healer? what?

My experience with Emet has been nothing but good, once you understand how you’re supposed to go about playing him, you will find that you don’t even need a defensive support character to stop you from getting mauled by the monster due to the fact that Emet I think is the most strongest self-sustain medic here, you can have your team hammering on the monster while it’s trying to kill you, you just need to play as smart as possible by spreading out your healing buoys and hammering your class heal off cooldown.

His respawn beacon is a god send when used right as well, I had a match where 1 person got downed and I could see it getting bad quite quick with another guy on really low health, so I went and placed my respawn beacon behind a wall in prep for their inevitable deaths, as soon as they died they were back in it and the pressure was back on the monster.

Val I think is a great healer still, I’ve always enjoyed using her, the range on her heal is still insane so getting some good distance between you and the monster is always recommended, Rouge Val has insane AoE heal with some good potential for damage, I think you should just perhaps consider not playing medics seeming as you have a dislike for most the characters.


What perk combos have you tried on Laz? I’m finding my traditional ones of reload and movement aren’t working for me. I’m going to be trying out some DR and health regen along with the cooldown reduction tier 3 perk and see how that goes for me.


CDR all the way for Laz :wink:
always keep your distance but float around for healing burst as needed.
Might want to get jet pack efficiency for one slot, up to you. Useful for duking the monster if he’s gunning for you.


yo task what are you taking for Slim? With what perks I’ve had unlocked, I’m currently sitting on Health regen -> reload speed -> reload speed/class cooldown. Haven’t really played enough to feel out the difference yet.


MS/Class CDR/Class CDR

25% Class CDR is needed and the MS helps me back away from the monster. Don’t know if 5% JR is worth it.


Does that bring it down to a 3 shot heal?


~2.5 shot heal


You actually only need 12% cdr to get a 2 shot heal burst as Slim (this is assuming both shots land all pellets in .01 seconds). I generally take Health Regen (20 hps), Reload (12%), and Class Cooldown (15%) on Slim, though I’m going to experiment with taking health regen (40hps) at tier 2 in place of reload for a total of 70 hps since it stacks with the passive regen given to all hunters.


Have you guys changed his values? I’m still using 30s heal burst, 1.11 shot reduction on pellet, 8 pellets per shot.


Laz is the bane of my existence. Ended my 15 win spree D:


His heal burst is a 20 second cooldown. I don’t think it’s ever been 30 seconds but I’m pretty sure it was lowered. The pellet reduction is also 1.1, small difference, I know.