So does shear have virus/disease/sickness


does shear have any of the above


Why wouldn’t those exist on Shear?

Edit: And by that I mean that viruses and bacteria are natural life forms, it would only be natural (no pun intended) for Shear to have them.


I thought Daisy had some kind of bug, which Maggie asked Caira/Val to fix?


I think a monster’s immune system is powerful enough to handle a cold.


Cabot’s wife, Laurie-Anne, got an intestinal parasite while they were living in the Far Arm. Daisy has gotten some sort of bug, as well. I’d say there’s no doubt that Shear has all of what you listed.


Maybe the virus of shear is quiet complex and called Mammoth Birds.


Not maybe. It’s certain


There are definitely bacteria and parasites and even though there is no talk of viruses I can only assume it’s nearly 100% certain they are there.


would if that’s why there guns always changes color 0_o


Speaking with my (admittedly fairly limited) knowledge on the subject, yes. Shear would likely have viruses or “bugs” that affect the natural creatures in a way specific to them. However, I doubt that it’s far off of what we’ve got on earth, simply because of the limited nature of possibilities that a single-cell organism like a virus can draw from. Take over a cell and multiply. Fairly universal, if you ask me.

Colds, fevers, likely nothing particularly special, but it would instead affect Shear’s native wildlife the way ours affects the wildlife here.

If you’re asking if Humans could catch chicken pox from Shear, I’m gonna have to say no, but I feel certain that we would be able to transfer some kind of disease to ourselves that could ravage our bodies. Humans didn’t evolve on Shear, so its diseases aren’t something we’re used to, and our immune systems wouldn’t know how to handle it.


What does the color of their guns have to do with viruses?


what if their guns are like made of cells that were contaminated and stuff
ot sure if you could tell but I wasn’t being serious


Hey you never know with people now a days.


Sunny is the only virus plaguing Shear.


I laughed way too hard at this.


Basically this.

Unless the scientists came down to Shear first and got so many crazy samples of bacteria to make vaccines for Humans if a Human ever just plopped down to Shear and caught a bug our immune system would get pooped on.

Now depending on the type of Disease/Virus/Sickness we would either get an immunity to it or we would die (which is most likely).

While there would be similarities (maybe) it’d be a brand new and complex virus that Humanity itself has never encountered before thus having no immunity to it.

Look at War of the Worlds.

The Aliens didn’t know about the Bacteria that we had and all it took was a little flu and bam they all started dying.

In an Anime called “Goliath: War of the Worlds” which was based on a large number of years after the first invasion the Aliens came back and were immune to our bacteria because they made something or whatever.

Samething here with Humans on a new planet. Granted we’ve had bacteria and what not but something that we’ve never seen before within our DNA as a species would most likely prove fatal.

But then science comes in and saves the day with vaccines.

Only thing that really irks me about Star Trek and other space based things and visiting other planets.

Unless if they pump the crew up with drugs or whatever each time they leave to go to a planet which I doubt is the case.

Dunno… opinions opinions…


but scientists say that they have to watch out or viruses on mars they don’t want to bring that stuff to earth or something
and they say ‘‘ebola is a space disease’’


The thing with Start Trek is that, except for brand new planets, they’ve got samples of and vaccines/cures for almost every disease that occurs. Plus, it’s the future.


I assume encountering new viruses isn’t a problem in the Evolve universe.
They have guns that shoot rays of healing at you. I’m sure a virus ain’t no thing.


until you fall through the floor