So, do people only want to play vs Goliath?


We all know that hunters won’t stop whining about Wraith. Ok, whatever. They will learn how to counter her and eventually stop, right? Right??
I guess not. After the alpha people were complaining about the Kraken, and how it is too strong. It got nerfed and Wraith appeared, and it seemed like people were satisfied with the changes made to Kraken. Or so I thought.

Yesterday I joined an already going match as a stage 1 Kraken. I took control, started feeding and, after a short time, evolved to stage 2. Three of the hunters instantly left the game. I was baffled.

What is up with hunter-players? To me it seems like they only want to play vs Goliath, and if you choose Wraith or Kraken they will act like 5-year-olds who don’t get the ice cream they wanted - crying and refusing to play with you. Is that how the game will work? Choose Goliath or play vs bots? That would be really sad.


Just wait until people get good enough with Goliath - since, used by the AI, it can be a team-destroying, face-wrecking machine. Then there won’t be a monster we’re allowed to use. ;p


Just wait, behemoth will drop, and there will be nobody wanting to play against him. Until kids get better at killing monsters, those of us who favour monsters will just have to wait.


I want to play against everything its the thrill of the hunt. Only think I dont really like playing against is the Wraith, I think it be funner it there was a way to to make it more pick of instead of having super nova.


I like to verse wraith, its just its gona tack a few weeks for people to understand how to tackle the other monsters. Goliath we have played the hell out of in the Alphas and Betas. The trick people need to learn about wraith is the spreed apart more, once they work that out it will be fine. Also if you combo trancs with stacis grenades wriath is slow (by alot) that the hunters, even warping wont let you escape


Every monster has its weaknesses, but I get the feeling nobody wants to make use of them. Splitting up and slowing Wraith is essential, trapping Kraken in caves and harpooning him is his doom. People just rarely do it, it seems they prefer leaving the game and going to the forums to complain about the monsters being too strong :confused:

Kudos to those people who say they want to learn fighting/trapping Wraiths and Krakens. If anybody is interested in premade matches with me as Wraith (hit and run-playstyle, engaging on stage 2, no “hide till stage 3 and then wreck their faces”) you can add me on steam, same name as here, just with a space (Mad Housewife). I’m on PC and in Europe, and I have lots of time on Saturday and Sunday till evening.


That would require knowing what monster they’re going to pick. You can’t plan for that unless you’ve already faced that player and you know they’re just going to play the same monster.

I rotate on what monsters I play to keep it fun for me and the hunters. Round after round of wraith hunts numb your mind unless you give hunters a break with Goliath or kraken.


I personally don’t mind fighting against Wraith most of the time, I prefer to play Goliath but I’ve never legitimately lost a hunt game as him. People probably prefer to fight Goliath because he’'s really straightforward when it comes to tracking /fighting him. Or they just don’t like fighting the others because they can’t catch Wraith or Kracken to save their life, but who knows.


I really enjoyed the “change” of facing down a Kraken. I wish more people played him. Too many wraith fights, I wouldn’t say it’s OP though.


I think the people who are complaining about op monsters are the ones who dont want to learn new tactics
Give it a few weeks and all the complainers are back in their battlefields or call of dutys and we can play in peace against the new op monster behemoth😂


I’m fine with Kraken too, I just don’t like fighting Wraith as the low health and armor just encourages them to run away all game. That said, people need to stop jumping up and down on any and all criticism.


I love playing the wraith, the thrill of the hunt makes it fun. I win most of the games I play regardless of the monster. If I lose its usually because the monster is an absolute beast literally and knows how to play a good monster or support or trapper sucks and doesn’t make use of any abilitys instead they stand back just shooting and dont even bother with harpoons, orbital barrage or shield, resulting in me (Lazarus) dying, followed by the rest of the team. It frustrates me seeing people complain about monsters, they’re fine as they are and if you lose its more than likely down to bad team play. I would prefer if the wraith gained more armour or regenerating health when leveling up, he seems too fragile when compared to the kraken or Goliath.


Haven’t seen that many players DC’ing, not even against wraith. That may have been an isolated incident (3 friends on same network or whatever).

Aside from this, while I do hear hunters complaining when they face a wraith, most seem to be fine with Kraken by now.

I’m actually more worried by a good Goliath than a good Kraken!


Well for me its quite the opposite. I have the most trouble against goliath, since he is constantly in my face (still enjoy to play against him). Wraith looses its terror once everyone learns to fire/harpoon at the spot where the wraith used the decoy (since it has to walk away).
Regarding the Kraken: I don’t know if I and my team just encountered bad Krakens but we haven’t lost a match to one, I have a feeling he could use a very slight buff to his movement, but thats just my thought would be interessting if the devs would show us the pick and win % of each character


I love playing against Goliath and Kraken. I hate playing wraith. Not because I am stupid (I am far from the best but I do know how to play) its that there is no hunt against her. It is just a long marathon of boredom. Her abilities are great, her damage level is just fine. I find she’s just too fast which regenerates too fast.

I’ve played a few split rounds were the team cornered her but she was able to just decoy dodge, pull decoy dodge pull. Even knowing it was a decoy you still had to do something with it or eat the damage.

I’ll admit to being a terrible Goliath. I unlocked kraken on Sunday finally playing the monster for a while and I love this guy. Much more my style. Very powerful if you land some good combo’s but there is enough going on that the hunters can still take you down. In alpha the Kraken was outputting a ton of damaging making things almost a one shot drop. So the nerf made the monster much more even. Not a lot of people play kraken properly as it is not the same as Goliath. I’ve seen people do the same with Wraith but because she can just bolt away and decoy every few seconds there’s no danger or real hunt in it.

Goliath is the most balanced with Kraken now a close second. Both are a lot of fun and each hunter can contribute so the fun is there. I see a lot of people abandoning Wraith rounds. Some skilled players too simply because the fun is gone against her. I’ve never seen someone drop from Kraken or Goliath because it was not fun. Either the team messed up or there was a session bug kicking them. I still find some glitches that kick me out of rounds but I’ve never left one.