So. Depth. >.<


Got the game today thanks to a beautiful, amazing, wonderful human being. You know who you are. <3

And boy oh boy is it FUUUUN. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m trash at it, lol, but @Shin is a MONSTER already, and @LaggerCZE just abuses the SpearGun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just thought I’d make a topic on Depth. Wsn’t one before. Any other fans?

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I’m not that great though. o.O


Shut up. Bad Kuru, bad!


Oooh Depth that one game with divers vs sharks. Yeah I have played it for a bit, bought it when it was on sale a while ago. Was fun for a bit. Nets are so OP in that game :S


O-okay… ~cries~

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Dodge them, or play the Great White; right?
Think his evolution skill can break them at rank 3 from what little I read about him.

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There there. I meant nothing by it.


Makoshark ftw. Never get hit.


Yeah well I’m not the greatest Depth player :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the thrasher. o.O
The last one…
Pop in, grab someone, boost out while they’re in your mouth.

I tried it, I’m getting 6+ kills without a death, with several triple kills. o.o
Crazy shark…
But the poor thing dies near instantly if you mess up. o.O


14 shark games (15, but I game crashed before it loaded. -.-) 242 kills. :smiling_imp:
I like being the shark. :smile:


Mako has maximum speed, agility and thrash damage, but little health. It is the last one. Thrasher’s something else. I think.


I’ll look, sec…
But the one that can use his tail to do damage. o.o


Yeah. Never tried him.


Mako is second, Thresher is last.
Trying the Mako.

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Wait I thought there were only 3 sharks, the great white, tiger sharks and mako’s. Did they add any interesting new ones?


Yeah, apparently.


Hammerhead, Thrasher, couple more.


Alright might try the game out again sometime then.


No love for tiger here :cry:
Didn’t know they added more sharks though. Been a while since I’ve played. Knew about hammer, but not thrasher. Might give it a whirl, looks really cool.
Also, I could never play mako. I’d get chewed up instantly :confounded: