So @DamJess just ruined my life


And I thought the original was time consuming… but this… this is just madness… XP

(she posted a link to it on twitter btw. :P)


Yeah, I saw this earlier in the morning when I do my rounds of checking things when I wake up.

Grayson wasn’t very awake at the time, so Ash was kind of just sitting in a stairway exit…


engadget article - “Watch this fish play ‘Pokemon’ live on the internet (currently in betta)” hahahaha… so many puns!!! XP


Over half a million watchers/views. This is just a sad commentary on people and the internet in today’s day and age.


hey, you were one too, if only for a moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m also a SaddCow to.


I… I … can’t… stop… watch…ing… o.o


I am laughing way harder than I should at that link :laughing:


I’m gonna just not start I have a feeling this is one of those Cannot be unseen type of things


It’s not really a cannot be unseen. The idea behind it is pretty silly. It’s only ridiculous because of the amount of people that are seeming to be watching it for more than 1 min after realizing what it is.


That is probably the most filled and idiotic twitch stream chat I’ve seen. It was like that this morning, its still exactly the same now… and the fish isn’t even fucking moving atm. Impressive.


But it seems super popular :stuck_out_tongue: Go figure /psyduck


What’s really sad is a fish has me beat on viewers… :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems to me that things like this and Pewdiepie (No offense if this guy is your hero) are why I just don’t get people. Same thing for that Honey Booboo show. I just… To quote the joker from Tim Burton’s Batman;


Hahaha. I’m with you on that.


ima be honest. I am really confused. We think it’s funny to watch a fish swim in a tank and based on where it is give input into an old Pokemon game? Live? Truman show anybody?.. but with a fish?


Pretty much :slight_smile: It’s like a choose your adventure, where the person reading is a woodpecking pecking at Y/N keys.


You have a lot of pictures Madd… >.>


If by me you mean the internet, then yes, yes I do.


xD I meant you’re quick to link them. hehe