So Crow is awesome!


So trapper is usually my least preferred pick, mainly because i’ve got a good trapper buddy and I just prefer the other roles more.

But tonight I wanted to give Crow a real go and get through the masteries with him, and I absolutely love him!

He can track, he can slow, he can do damage! And as soon as i’ve got the monster with Gobi. I can stay on it all match. He’s an all round great hunter, and I had a blast playing as him!


He is my most favourite trapper atm as well


I’ve got him mastered now too, managed to get nearly all his 3 star ones in one match!


He’s definitely fun.


I too love Crow, hes the only hunter I can stand playing as ^-^


He certainly is fun. I like the sniper rifle too. Makes the character feel much more like a “hunter”


I like the late game advantage it gives me, if a monster reaches stage 3 (which rarely happens cuz im a baller ^.-) I can get positioned like half a map away from the relay and still help my team out because of how much range the thing has. Not to mention all that time i get to chunk a monsters health while he saunters up to me ^.^


He is pretty much just the most streamlined and balanced of all the hunters… With his skills sharing usefulness nearly equally all around…seeing as Gobi helps you find the monster which helps you to slow it… Which also helsp s you land those charge shot headshots…

All the other trappers are much more role focused… Griffin is damage/tracking, Abe is damage/control, and Maggie is control/tracking… They benefit from having a teammate that covers their weakness or boost their effectiveness… Where its easier for crow to rely solely on himself and gobi … And any teammate assistance really just boosts that independent strength

It also makes him a higher value target for monster though… So stay close to teammates… You will find that pro monsters tend to focus crow heavy


he requires slowing skillshots, which I love. he’s awesome.


What I also like about him is his effectiveness in the dome to find the monster if he’s hiding - just keep sending gobi out and he’ll constantly pick him up meaning we’ve got a much better chance of taking out the monster’s armor in the dome