So... consoles?

Greetings everyone.

I pre-ordered Evolve on the Xbox One and played a ton post-launch, but my interest waned, mostly because of the DLC practices and the fanbase becoming smaller and smaller.

Now, I saw the headlines about it going free-to-play, and my first thoughts were:

  • Just how much more can we be screwed, after TWO Season Passes for a full-priced release?
  • Will it be for everyone, and how will it work?
  • What do original game owners get?

The answers are as follows:

  • Much more, as it seems, because consoles are left behind entirely.
  • Refer to the above.
  • On console, the middle finger. On PC, something.

And as such, I want to ask: what are your plans for consoles? What do you have in store for the people that paid for this game full-price or not, only to be met with a dwindling playerbase,tons of paid DLC for an already half-made game, and no attempts to revitalize it?

I’m disheartened by the whole situation, and how you’re handling it. I just wanted to share my thoughts with the community, as a console player from day one. Be well, have fun.

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