So, can we have Bucket follow the closest hunter while using his UAV?


I remember back when people wanted this but the devs said it was too disorienting when you went back to your body in a different place, but Kala’s teleporters do this every time you use them so obviously it’s not that big of a problem.

Edit: Making it a toggleable option to follow or stay would help alot with different concerns and just for extra viability


Kala’s teleporters and Bucket’s body are two completely different things. With Kala you always know where you will end up when you go through a teleporter. With the UAV if it had this mechanic, you don’t know if you’ll come back and you’re nearly dead from a Crowbill, if the Goliath is about to use you as a tooth-pick, you’ll show up in a random part of the map without any clue of where the Monster is, etc.

UAV is best used when a tracking dart runs out or the dome ends. Other than that using the UAV is just an excuse to fall behind as it has little to no value for being used during a chase or to find the Monster.


If he follows the nearest hunter to you when you activate it and you’re communicating, you’ll know where you end up and you’ll be right next to somebody to show you where to go/wher the monster is, also if you tagged the monster you’ll know where he is without any help

Add a status indicator in the corner of the UAV to show you you’re health and whether you are being targeted by wildlife or a monster

Exactly why I want this change, the UAV is so useless in most situations, this change (if done right) could give it much more viability


And how often does a team actually communicate outside premades? Extremely rarely if ever.

More things to clutter HUD isn’t what people want, not to mention it’s already disorienting enough when wildlife hits you and you immediately exit the UAV, now you’ll be doing exactly that except that this time you’ll be in a completely different area.

Not necessarily. What if someone is a troll and decides to go the really long way or not at all? You’ll be following them there against your will. What if they decide to feed you to a Tyrant, or a pack of Mammoth Birds, or a Crowbill Sloth, or a Reaver Den, etc.

It’s a concept they toyed with and clearly didn’t like and thus cut it. Not saying it’s impossible to make a comeback but it’s highly unlikely due to the fact that players don’t like being disoriented in general.

Then again they did make Slim and gave him spore clouds so they could always just add more disorientation to the game I guess.


I really don’t want this. I don’t want an AI bucket getting into bad situations that require split second reactions (plants, wildlife, monster ambush, etc) and i think it’s a valid reason why it isn’t that way.

Personally I just want the UAV to lock on much faster than it currently does. Crank its buzzing sound up a bit so the monster is well aware when the UAV is following close so that there is counterplay and they can destroy it before it locks them.

That, and possibly increase it’s travel speed.


This is the key to allowing this feature to overcome the reason it was removed. They even still have the voice lines in the game for this, it shouldn’t be hard to re-enable it. I think this would help Bucket tremendously at higher levels and I love this suggestion.


You shouldn’t restrict a feature simply because people are too stupid to use it

Depends how they make it, it could just be your health bar stays on screen and it changes color if you’re in danger

Make the feature somehow toggleable between follow/stand still modes, this would also solve many other problems with the idea


Gotta disagree with you on this one, shredder. UAV need some extra utility and the fact that it’s movement is something out of a cartoon (really glidey and bounces off objects), can be destroyed, is canceled upon taking damage, and only tracks for 30 seconds makes it not very useful in most situations. I think it’s a great change if while in the UAV, it showed you where your body was via outlining bucket in a bright red or yellow.


Do they really? What are the lines Bucket says, if you by chance remember them?


“Going up to scan the area. Leaving body on auto-pilot.” (Casting UAV)

“This is what I get for leaving my body on autopilot.” (Grabbed by a plant)

(Obviously I didn’t remember those, I just went and looked them up)


Well technically they shouldn’t buff or nerf characters because people are too stupid to counter them but they do anyway.

However I do agree with your edit in the main post. If this were a toggleable option, say “Press ‘E’ to enter ‘follow’ or ‘stay’ mode.” then I’d be completely okay with that as you would have the choice of it.

Still, it requires code change and new art design to make that work, I don’t think it’ll be done but who knows. I might be wrong.

I’m certainly not saying that UAV doesn’t need utility. The UAV is slow, it controls like a cartoon character just stepped on ice and due to it’s long targeting time it can be destroyed before it gets the chance to do it’s main purpose.

I’d be for the idea if it wasn’t mandatory, if it was, no; too many issues with it if it was mandatory.

Personally, UAV just needs better handling, it needs more speed, a faster tag time, and then a slightly longer tag duration but a longer cooldown.


Yes, it has to be an option.

It requires more time from a UI programmer than anything, since the code was almost certainly completely functional and just commented out. I think this is something Bucket badly needs and if it were my call I would budget that in a heartbeat.

These things are good too, but I would love to see this already-coded feature return.


I disagree about the UAV not being useful for finding the monster