So, can we buy Phoenix medic skins now? (PC)


I found the skin set in-game store, but I couldn’t buy it, cuz Phoenix skin set wasn’t uploaded in available Evolve DLC list in Steam store.

it was 5 hours ago. Is it fixed now?


I still see nothing in the store.


I found it weird I could buy the individual skins in the in game store but not the bundle. Then again the only ones worth it for me were Val and Laz. Cairas just doesnt look that great.

Edit: i should note I bought them like… 2 hours ago so i dont think the bundle is fixed yet. Prolly will be once they are at work.


You have to go into the medic section. to see them individually otherwise you should be able to see the bundle in the “Bundle” section but cant buy it yet. If you just want the individual ones then you can buy them.


Oh… I see…

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I should wait for bundle, till it’s available.


Paging @THISaint to see if he has any insight.


replying for updates later… Im gonna be buying aaaalll the skins


No ideas yet. Looks like 2K doesn’t want to publish the skins to the store yet. I’ll ping Tom now.


Hey guys,

Update on this. 2K has now pushed the skins into the store.

You can buy it from Steam now from this link -

Other skins will be added in the following days.


Wow, those look amazing. I might start playing medic just because of this skin set :smiley:


how nice of you!

I’ll get it XD


Nice! Monster skins or just hunter skins?


Anyone know when tier4 hunters will be getting new skins?


It’s available now.

Why they’re still releasing skins that do not cover the new characters as well is beyond me.


It’s in the pipeline.


A clever businessman would have released them simultaneously with the new hunters. No offense meant. Just sayin’.

The current skins don’t look very complicated or sophisticated to implement, anyway. They’re just recolors. Why wait until hype is over? Doesn’t make sense from a business point of view.


The flames make you heal faster!


You overestimate 2K. Their miserable excuse for a marketing plan crippled this game. All the negativity and misinformation? Their fault.