So can someone direct me to Kala's tutorial videos?


So I’ve been digging around on youtube and the forums for about an hour now, and for the life of me I cannot find the Kala tutorial videos that several threads have reported are on youtube already.

If I’m just blind and the thread is staring me in the face, feel free to let me know and block this one, but I just want to watch this piece of content so I can fully understand this character, as there are often little things that can be easily missed just trying to dive in and figure out a hunter.


Here’s her Advanced Tutorial



So where’s the basic one? Kind of important for people just giving her a try for the first time. And why is this unlisted? Its pretty important stuff. Not much point to a tutorial if you have to ask on the forums just to find it.


All I’ve seen posted by TRS is the Advanced. They have all the tutorials unlisted right now for Evolve, I believe they’re planning on doing something with them in the future because their end goal is to remove them from the game files since they take up so much space.


What? Okay that’s weird how they’d have the advanced but not the basic one. I’d much rather have the crucial learning content for a game as mechanics intensive as this be in the game itself and not an outside source that makes me close or move away from the game itself. If they need to just compress the videos that could mitigate the drive space problem, or at the very last give us some text and images that we can look at. As it stands without those videos you just have to experiment and see what happens and likely miss some crucial bit of info…

I just hope whatever they have planned makes this info easily accessed without having to tab-out or minimize the game just to access essential info about the game I’m trying to play.


This should make defend a whole lot easier!


They’re removing all of them? I thought they only omitted Kala’s to save up space so the download could go faster, only to be added in later?



Speaking of this, @LadieAuPair if I’m not wrong this is primarily done for console space so why not keep them in the PC build since space isn’t an issue there?


Well, from the development side, it’s easier to just keep them the same. But also, as we add more content, we don’t want to bloat the initial download size for new players.


I’m fine with freeing up space, but my “everything needs to be organized and stuffs” acts up about it. ;_;


Aww, okay. I’m all for more space, I just prefer everything to be found in game you know?

Perhaps make them like free DLC that you can choose to add to your game?


That’s actually a really good idea


I really dislike that Kala’s vids are not in game. She is the last one for T5. What’s two more vids?

Also, if we’re trying to save space, can’t we lower the resolution a bit? I’d hate to lose crucial info about the game to YouTube. I already feel there aren’t enough tutorials in the game.


Have you guys not realised that there is an achievement/trophy tied to watching all those videos ? Surely you can’t remove them other wise this achievement will be impossible to unlock ? I already have it so I don’t overly care but is there not rules against making achievements impossible ?


Why not just put the links to the video’s ingame so the achievement/trophy can still be unlocked by clicking on all the links but you can still find all the video’s ingame…this way the size of the patch will be reduced and we’re all still able to find everything ingame :slight_smile:


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