So, Caira or Slim?


Who’s Topdog or in Caira’s case Topbi… Nevermind.

I’m actually a Solo player. But I play Monster with Hard hunters. Slim actually gives me trouble sometimes in Solo games, but with ‘Favors Hunters’ switched on, Caira is almost unkillable as Kraken.

Who’s best? Caira or Slim?

Caira vs Slim

I’d say that once you get used to the spore cloud, that Caira is definitely the harder one to beat


Yeah… I feel like Caira has stronger healing than Slim aswell, Slim is more gradual minus his Healing Field


That’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off for him.


Caira’s probably the most reliable medic, hands down.


That’s what I think too. But Slim isn’t far behind…


Nah, if you have a competent Slim he is reeeeeeally good.
@ZeroClarity plays a whole bunch’a Slim, this guy’s my medic. Really plays well.


I only play monster… I look and feel like a Headless Chicken if I’m assigned Medic :smile:


I feel the same… I mean I play a pretty gnarly Caira but I always beat myself up telling myself I’m horrid. xD


Val: Utility Medic
Laz: Not a medic. A reviver.
Caira: A straight up medic
Slim: Combat Medic
Caira is the hardest to down someone mostly because she heals so well, and so many at one time. The bright side is that she doesn’t have tranqa, weakpoints, or spore clouds to annoy you more. Just heals, a little fire, and a speed boost.
Slim is mostly a combat medic. He’ll be mainly damaging you while healing people. It’s a lot easier to down someone with a slim, but he’ll always be doing damage to you when not using spore clouds and heal bugs togeather for clutch heals.
So all in all, Caira is harder to down someone, but Slim is harder to down someone without a ton of damage from everyone on the team.


Sooo… Slim? Since you’d be taking more damage as the Monster in downing someone, as opposed to not taking much damge but a lengthy time…


It entirely depends on what the team is.
If Caira has a Hank, both keep each other alive, meaning 0 chance at stage 1 downs. BUT, that also means, Hank will be shielding half the game, so no extra damage. And that goes for all medics.
If you have a good burst assault, it would be more damage with Caira since the assault will stay alive.
I would say all medcis are annoying, but it entirely depends on the situation.


i like caira the most of the medics because you can just stay far away from combat but still can do efective heals on the hunters. you need no line of sight so if your team is fighting arround a corner you just need to shoot in the direction of the corner and the burst effect is doing the rest.


I like Caira cause she’s cute. I have a crush on her :blush:


I like Hyde and have a crush on him but this is a medic thread so I’ll be quiet now.


If I had a pirate eyepatch would you love me too? :scream:


It depends. Do you sport the greatest beard in existence and manly third-degree burns?


I have a third degree beard



slim is the better defender in a defense comp. like hank slim maggie. because the monster is forced to come in and fight. kraken can counter it slightly to a point but they added the abe shotty factor to slim now so he can heal better vs kraken.

caira is better for an aggressive comp. or maybe if your unsure if you need cc or not. shes basically the safe pick. laz and val are situational based on the monsters playstyle .(like round 2). but in a defensive comp slim is the best hands down. stage 3 he can keep hank alive while hank keeps him alive. its a pain in the ass.