So... Caira AI just went full derp



Yeah I’m farming Gorgon at the moment and for some reason she just… uh… stopped.

She’s not moving, healing, thinking or anything.

I’m going to go ahead and start streaming for a second so I can have this in my video records and give the Devs something to look at.

Give me a second…

Okay it’s up.


I went ahead and just stopped streaming but it will be in the “Un-Evolving Stuff…” video in the history. You won’t have to search for a specific time. It’s in the whole few minutes worth of the stream.


maybe she thought she was loading or thogh she died


In the middle of a match?

She was doing her thing at first but then just before I recorded I found her off to the side behind a small box sorta in a corner. She wasn’t moving and I thought it was because she was in the corner so I used a Spider Trap to move her but then she just… sat there…

She derped.


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