So, Behemoth's badges are bugged. And where is SandStone? (2Star Behe)

So err… where abouts is my unlocks for this.

Have you Elite’d him yet? That’s what gets you the one with the crown.

I mean none of them are unlocked.

The one with the crystals I received to begin with.

You have the First one and the Fifth one unlocked.

Did you complete his masteries?



I know, I mean he was availible at the start. I can’t get the others.

Have you Elite’d Behemoth? You’ll need to completely 3 Star all of his abilities to unlock more.

In the title it says he has two stars not three, yet.


No, Says so in title.

Shouldn’t there be frontal parts on the basis of behemoth masteries?

I only get the backgrounds.

In the last section of his tier 3 masteries, it unlocks the behemoth avatar for each skill you fully master. I’ve got his beard one and its SSSSIiIiCccCKkKkKk

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Beard one?? Must see

I’ve Elite’d Behemoth and I only have 3 of the badges.