So, assuming Evolve -IS- in an initial flop, why not pull something akin to Orange Box?


It worked for Valve, why wouldn’t it work for us?


Dude you just gotta lean back and chill. If the game implodes then you can theorize about saving it. Till then just talk about your favorite weapon or why DLC is worse than world hunger like everybody else.

I dont care what people say, evolve IS in danger

Well, why are we assuming Evolve is a flop? steam sales dont reflect people like me or possibly you who purchased the game on greenmangaming or a website similar. Of course evolve isnt going to outsell half-life 2 or warcraft 3 but id say with current advertisement and the streaming attention Evolve is getting, the game is in a good place (or goodish place if you are less optimistic)

The only thing really hurting this game is the DLC method and current price for the game, both things can be forgiven if the game is truly as good as we want it to be, and if it is as good as we want it to be then the game will advertise itself after release and gain additional sales


Evolve isn’t going to be a flop. People might not pick it up day one, but week one sales should be strong.


The thing is, The Orange Box had A LOT going for it. Two of the games which were bundled already had a huge following from its predecessors (HL2 + Episode One, and Team Fortress) AND a totally new IP (portal). To the everyday Valve fan (and even at a random consumers point of view), it was an awesome deal! $50 for Three Games (two of them new games) and Two Expacs? WHO WOULDN’T grab it up?

Even if TRS wanted to do something like the Orange Box, I don’t think they have the resources. There’d also be NO WAY in hell that 2K would even do something close to Orange Box.

Evolve isn’t going to flop. The initial sales will most likely fill a good chunk of what TRS/2K are hoping to earn, and then the rest will come overflowing when the Steam sales hit. I guarantee it ;D


I know.

I mean, it’s better safe than sorry.


I’m optimistic about Evolve doing fine as a standalone but just out of curiosity, what would be included in this box?


I loved Portal and Portal 2.

We need more games like them to come in the future, it was such a fun playstyle.


I really don’t think Evolve could be a flop.
When the game’ll be out, the reviews will push players to buy this AWESOME game :wink:


The only mistake Evolve really made was announcing so much DLC and DLC varieties so soon, when none of it is made yet. People are spazzing out mostly because of all the incorrect information people are spewing out in anger, thus creating the cycle again, just larger each time.

If they had just announced the DLC as it was coming out and it’s prices, I bet no one would have said anything, because the prices themselves are fine (For an AAA game anyways).


People yell loudest when they are unhappy. The trolls will scream it from the rooftops, the reasons they don’t like the game.


Good, they can scream it from the rooftops, while I push them from it.


I’ve already pushed a few off, but they will always keep coming.

(So that means there are plenty for you. :wink: )


I will buy a lawnmower. A very. Large. Lawnmower.


I’m going to tuck it in here, 'cos it seems as good a place as any.

I’ve touched on it elsewhere, but I’ll say it plainly here: Get ready for Evolve to be judged a ‘flop’.

Note that I’m not saying it’ll be a flop. I’m saying that people - the same people who are hanging out in assorted forums criticising the game now - will call it a flop. It won’t matter what the numbers are. It won’t matter what the reviews are. The same folks who are decrying it now will be decrying it then, and I personally guarantee that ‘flop’ will be the term that will be used, by at least some of them.

If the opinion of these people is something that matters to you, and if ‘flop’ is a word that you think has merit, then… well, I’d get yourself ready. ;p


I don’t think we should, in any way, be anticipating failure. First of all, I saw a prediction that said EVOLVE will sell around 4 million copies – that is phenomenal for a new IP. Second, last month, IGN published a video, and I transcribed this from their final thoughts for moments like this: [quote]“With Evolve, the first few matches I played […] I didn’t get it yet. I didn’t understand all the nuances to the different wildlife, all the different map effects, and the different creatures’ abilities, and how choosing when to power up what ability at what stage in the fight – [it] can matter where you fight, when you fight – all these nuances that I really hadn’t wrapped my head around yet, and I just kind of felt like I was – as the monster – just running away, and – as the hunters – I was just running in circles looking for him, but once I figured out all the different nuances, and once that really got forwarded into my brain, now it’s just such a rich, multi-faceted multiplayer experience – I can’t stop thinking about this game now. I can’t wait for February.”

-Vince Ingenito, IGN[/quote]I think the game’s going to do very well, and I think IGN’s going to rate it at least an 8.


Even as someone who is not thrilled about the DLC, this made me laugh, +1 to you sir. Anyway, I agree with that others have said. While I have my own concerns, they mean nothing unless the game actually struggles. Why waste the time and energy? TRS have been awesome, and I doubt they would allow it to fail.


So is this whats happening now? The sooner we get to release the more of these conspiracys that Evolve will flop immediately after launch will start popping up?

Everybody needs to keep their pants on, i’m sure the game will do fine. All we need is Total Biscuit to review it to clear up some of the confusion about dlc, and considering the games state and how much he actually researches things, it should all play out smoothly, given the PC version has a good options menu and a FoV slider :stuck_out_tongue:


So… You’re saying if it doesn’t sell, to make good on the investment they should make several more games and package them together for $60?


No, I believe we are saying, stop worrying about something you have no control over. Just try to support the game, and stop thinking about the game failing. So far it’s not failing, it’s not out yet. So why worry right now, while we can worry later?