So are the monsters really all from the same species?


the title is self-explanatory. I believe it was caira that said they are all from the same subspecies


Not species, different breeds.

Imagine the Monsters are dogs. Each Monster is a diffrent breed. Goliath could be a German Shepherd and Kraken could be a Golden retriever. Something like that…

It was said in a stream by @Matthew


but that still makes them from the same species

like how dogs are all from the same species, just different breeds


Dogs are different. They haven’t had enough time to successfully evolve and change. It could take millions of years or something. We’ve domesticated them for what, a few thousands of years? Given enough time, if you seperate a group of dogs and put them in two different parts of the world with no contact for millions of years or so, they would change and wouldn’t be able to breed with each other. Then they would be diffrent species.

Monster however, we know next to nothing about them, except that they can’t breed and that each one is like a different breed.


whats ur point?


Monster are different breeds.

They could’ve originated from a common species though, idk about this however.


Well we don’t really know enough about the monsters biological origins to be able to say if they’re the same species or not, with any strong level of confidence


i was saying they are from the same species


species: a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding.
breed: a stock of animals or plants within a species having a distinctive appearance and typically having been developed by deliberate selection.

So yes, they are more closely related to breeds.


Well, we don’t know that yet. They could’ve been artificially created by nature for all we know.


doesnt seem possible for something to be created artificially from nature


Caira has mentioned in one of her dropship convos.

Besides, even if it’s not possible, remember. It’s the



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The monsters are all the same breed of different species from multiple dimensions.


They are all the same species.


The theory the hunters have is Goliath was first. And when he couldn’t win, they evolved into kraken, then evolved into wraith, behemoth, gorgon.
If you go by this logic, they are one species.


evolution leads ones species to evolve into ether an entirely new species or a sub species though


That’s what I was gonna say. If we go by that logic, that means every other monster doesn’t exist if they keep evolving.


assuming the entire population is evolving


But I also think this type of discussion is what Matthew intended. Nobody really knows the origins of the monsters or those details. And I don’t think we ever will.