So, are leavers just not punished at all?


In my experience, I have at least one person leave about every other game. Is there no incentive for them not too? Because if there was any punishment we wouldn’t be seeing this level of abandonment.

How about we do what the mobas do? If you leave, the next couple games you play will be with other people who have left.


I wouldn’t recommend what Moba’s do as punishment. By comparison, Moba’s generally take a LOT more time investment per game, and if you leave, the game isn’t able to pull another random out of matchmaking to fill your slot. Neither does that players character gain an AI to keep going during that time waiting for another player, unlike Evolve, which does all of that and has typically shorter matches.


That’s correct, no punishment, and if everyone gets kicked out well they don’t gain anything either


Might want to try the Overwatch approach.

In Casual play:
You’re free to quit, but within say 10-20 matches, if you left X amount of times early, you will receive XP/Key 75% penalty until your stayed in game percentage goes back up.

Of course the main problem is that the game no longer allows drop in replacements.

In Ranked:
If a person leaves the team the other players are free to leave the match after X amount of time.
Without a loss in their rankings, just a lost match on the tally sheet.

The person that left gets a loss, plus goes down in ranking. I forget if they give them extra loss of ranking for leaving, or just regular amount.


But they don’t fill it with another person, they just put a bot in, and the bots are garbage.


Punishing people on casual for wanting to play hunter and get locked as monsters won’t do Evolve any favours.


Pretty sure they are referring for leaving after the game launched and not during lobby.


Yeah. Pretty much.

I’m a terrible Monster. It’s my 5th choice. No one is going to have a fun time if I play Monster.
Not me, not the Hunters.

But the game should not continue if someone drops out in the lobby screen.
That currently needs to be changed.

The Monster bot is ok. But the Hunter’s team cannot depend on a bot. It’s free downs for the Monster.


True, but if you are worried about playing monster, just preemptively leave a lobby if no one has monster preference.


Alternatively the Devs could add a hidden setting.

Do not make this person ever their 5th pick in matchmacking.
Because lets face it, if something is your 5th pick, you probably are not going to have fun playing as that.


Especially since most people play just hunter, and have monster as their last pick. But I get monster all the time. Why turtlerock?


Because if nobody prefers monster and two have the same first class preference one of the two gets the monster. I always change my class if somebody else has it or leave the queue.


Ah, thanks for explaining. I shall do the same.


This makes no sense as some choice will be the last, no matter the number of preferred roles. What TRS should do is similar to ranked mode, where monsters can queue in seperate lists.

Leaving pregame should not be punished, as there might be legit reason to do so, besides the “I don’t want to play this role”. Leaving in game should be punished with very soft slap. Like denying XP and money gain for next finished game or disabling periodic challenge for an hour.


Except that there are people who want to play monster and have monster first. Just have one of each person, I’d be happy to wait longer if it would let me be something other than monster.