So after playing the beta, Who is your favorite Monster/Hunter?


So just curious on the community favorite monster or hunter and why ^_^, I know for some of us the beta is our first time playing :smiley: .

Personally I’ll have to go with the Kraken, I could name countless reasons why but a couple would probably be.

  • Lightning element

  • Aftershocking a whole team of hunters… just give such a good warm feeling :relieved: soo good.

  • Can fly which give the option to use range attack of normal melee

Cant not wait to try out Wraith and the full game… Great job from TRS




Kraken aswell.Even tho i focused playing Wraith this beta making a score like 20-2 i still played 10 games with Kraken and i am still undefeatable.I just love this Monster


I love Hyde, but I have to give it to Parnell, just for supersoldier stealing my heart. Character-wise I’d say Hyde, or Hank. 'cause nothing feels better than coming across an evolving Kraken with your orbital bombardment ready to rock.
I kinda felt bad ending the round like that, but man that thing melted like butter.

I love Caira’s banter, but the best line in all the comments is Markov’s “Markov is invulnerable (for short periods of time).”

As for monsters, I’d go with Goliath, but I’ve played Kraken once in the alpha and haven’t played Wraith. Goliath is the Conan of the monsters, you expect him to kill you with brawn and then he uses guile and surprisingly panther-like reflexes.


So far I’m loving Cabot and Goliath, with a little Wraith on the side.
I absolutely hate playing Kraken :stuck_out_tongue:


Goliath is still my favorite. Just a brute and being so tough. Wraith is a close second, Kraken is ok but just isn’t my thing. I like melee more than ranged for a monster.

Hunter side, definitely Caira. You can make some cool plays with the grenades and I love the speed boost for the extra aggression.

Honorable Mention: Parnell. Honestly didn’t care for him much until I tried him myself. After using Super Soldier + Shotgun + a Val weakspot and seeing a Goliath lose 2 and a half bars of health in about 5 seconds…damn. Beast mode.


Goliath is still my favourite, I very much dislike how weak Wraith is, I like to brawl and be up close and not run away because I lose all my health just by falling in an acid pool for 2 seconds.

I’m shocked by how much I love Cabot, he might be my favourite new character and class to play. For Medics: I still think Lazarus is my favourite just because Caira is was too OP, I feel dirty playing as her. When it comes to trappers: I think I still like Maggie the most. There’s nothing more rewarding than firing that Railgun, using that Lazarus ability, or putting down some harpoon traps and the monster getting caught!


Unfortunately, I never got to play as the monster due to friends and I being in party chat.
My pick for favorite hunter would go to Cabot. His “dust bomb” is extremely useful for tagging the monster and I love the damage output of his railgun.


Hank landing a orbital strike on a evolving monster is pretty much game
hyde DOT King a hyde with poison bullets is insane
Medic val I hid ontop of some small structure
the monster struggled to hit me and i just tanked every fire breath and dodged every rock while i did my thing.
Against stealthing monsters daisy is unvaluable
And its funny to see a kraken struggle to get 5 harpoons off him


Medic: Val
Support: Cabot (Hank is close second)
Trapper: Abe
Assault: I don’t play it enough to have an opinion, or care.
Monster: Goliath


I’ll give you a hint


Goliath and Hyde all day every day


Trapper, by far. I love having to get ahead of the monster, putting the areana down and then dealing huge damage to the monster and slowing it when it espaces


I love Wraith, Goliath, Cabbot, Hank, Val, Laz and Maggie.


No love for Griffin? His harpoons are just awesome. Favorite monster is Goliath, Kraken is no fun for me


While I expect to main Cabot and Wraith, I did not get to play them in the Beta.

Now, between what I did get to use, Hank and Goliath were my preferences for Hunters and Monster respectively.