So, about the Wraith


So broken. Going to chase away so many potential players. I don’t care if it’s “just a pubstomper”…that’s 95% of the game probably. Why am I seeing Wraiths with 20, 30, 40+ win streaks? That’s absolutely absurd. I don’t care if a pro ESL hunter team can take down a pro Wraith. As long as Wraith exists as it is I refuse to play against it, I will leave any game that the monster chooses Wraith, and encourage anyone else to do the same. This monster is a cancer on the game. I’d sort it out sooner rather than later if you care to monetize this otherwise very enjoyable game.


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Try out this thread, it is a detailed explanation on how to beat a wraith. Hopes this helps!


Good words! This is exactly what a lot of ppl. dont understand.


I have to agree here…

The second Wraith locks in, I know the match is probably going to suck.

Either going to get pubstomped or it’ll be a painfully long match, with the outcome probably being the same.

I find I’m having a similar issue with Gorgon as well


Thanks, I guess, if you’re being earnest, but I don’t need a 10 page guide on how to coordinate a team of pubs, including telling them what hunter they should play in order to beat an average Wraith whereas all other monsters can be on a more even keel with a pub team, excluding maybe EKraken, but at least he’s not insurmountably OP when played by an average player.

I don’t mind losing to a Wraith, I mind losing to every Wraith. They can’t all be that spectacular. I think there may be a problem with the monster.


This is exactly the issue with that guide.

Yes, if you can somehow get randoms to agree to do this, great. I doubt it.

The point is, you would NOT have to do so with Goliath or something.

With a balanced monster, everyone picking what they play best and doing well, as long as the comp has rudimentary synergy, will be enough to win or at least get a close game.

With Wraith? Nah. Not the case.

I wouldn’t say she’s hugely OP, but she does need to be dialed back.


Yea the power floor is way too high for Wraith. Sounds like maybe the ceiling is proper, if highly coordinated teams can take him, but you can’t just have a monster that before the game even starts you can count as a loss vs a pub.


Wraith is overpowered doesn’t mean wraith is impossible to kill.
Wraith is unbalanced doesn’t mean there’s no hunter combination that could counter wraith.

What you have to compare it to is the other monsters: Wraith, compared to the other monsters, is more powerful and less balanced. I’m not even suggesting a nerf, I’m just saying that guide is not a viable solution. Any group of hunters has a chance against any of the other monsters, but there are only 8/24 hunters that have a chance against wraith? That’s a problem, not a solution.

In my experience it feels like you can have a good fun match (even if you lose) against a competent to good monster, but if it’s a wraith then unless the player is below average and making stupid mistakes you’re going to have a really bad time and get stomped. I don’t care about my win loss ratio, I don’t mind losing, I just don’t want frustrating fights where it feels like we never really had a chance to begin with.


As I’ve said elsewhere, new Monster players find it hard to survive to evolve to Stage 2.

The Wraith, forgetting it’s insane dmg etc, has the decoy ability. Currently this is the only Juke like ability with high mobility.

It’s not just so they can be OP, it;s so they can survive.

Wraith is the result of the Stage 2 beta being more on forced combat and shorter matches. Until things are evened out, the reign of Wraith will continue.

If the Nerf Wraith too much, and there isn’t an alternative, a portion of the Monster players will leave.

For the record, no I’m not new. No I don’t often Play Wraith. I’ve put a profile picture and border up of a wraith because atm I find the situation humourous.

GO Wraith!


I did play the Wraith at Evolve and now since Evolve Stage 2 , and i have to agree that he is way to powerful , i havent played against a team that did beat a wraith , no matter if i was in it or playing against them , he can kill a entire team with stage one , and dont even have to struggle if he dosent fight a open surrounding , but i think the same goes for Gorgon did play him to lvl 40 at the release week-end and i only lost 10 games and won around 100


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Yea Gorgon and EKraken are definitely OP as well, they’re just not as frustrating as Wraith I guess. They’re OP in a bit of a different way. I don’t know what the solution is for TRS, and I don’t envy their position. Basically they must decide if they want to balance around the 90% (pubs, casuals, averages) or the 10% of hardcores, where maybe these monsters are balanced vs pro-level teams. They could balance the monsters around pubs and then put a tuning knob for custom games where any serious play would be held to bring the monsters back to their current level I guess, but it all seems like a balancing fiasco that will probably never be sorted out.


Isnt it like all games ? if you take the other big games out there you will see that all of them balace for the pro scene instead of the average players , tournament bring money but you cant open a game with a unbalanced system and hope the players do understand it , cause no one wants to play if they keep loosing for around 300 times , thats why i like to play monster much more then hunters … cause i win alot , and to win makes more fun then loosing , even if my friends dont wanna play with me when i play monster … i enjoy it far more then loosing over and over again and being salty cause i think we did a mistake


Just met a wraith with a 58 kill streak :-I


It really depends on the person behind the monster. Some people are just beyond most pub teams. Here is another video of me playing as Goliath (Arguably the most skill-based monster to play and probably the weakest(?)).

Obviously some monsters are going to require significantly less skill than others to achieve the same goal. The main problem that I complain about in Evolve and wish TurtleRock Studios would realize is their own game design is based around monsters that are limited to the ground. Furthermore, the Goliath and the Behemoth both have key abilities (Rock Throw, Tongue Grab) that can be intercepted by team mates.

The problem with (E)Kraken, Wraith, and Gorgon is that their key abilities can not be intercepted. They must either be dodged or dealt with (Spider). Furthermore these monsters aren’t limited to the ground allowing them to deal with the very thing that Hunters use to survive; Flying.

As well as the new changes made (Idk when these dumb changes were made) to stealth pounce, flying-archetype monsters have an even better chance of sticking to a Hunter’s face. I remember back in the Big Alpha or release, I almost never missed a stealth pounce because I could accurately aim it during a combo. Now it seems to require a target and leap at the location of the target rather than where my mouse is aiming, resulting in easy jukes thus making it harder for a monster like Goliath or Behemoth to stick to a target.


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Not entirely true… Wraith abduct can be body blocked by an assault and depending on the range is negligible, otherwise the party moves up to the assault and the assault back until they reach position… Warp blast can be CC controlled by griffin or jack. Kraken is about the only one that you can’t really answer with a body block because he’s all about getting that aoe.


Body blocking an abduct means the Wraith was either trying to go for an MLG NoScope long-distance abduct, or he’s very bad at comboing. You can not stop a abduct combo by a good Wraith that knows when to do it. Warp Blast being CC’d is very damn inconsistent and I can never expect a warp blast to not land.

Goliath is a great example of a monster that can be CC’d properly, and blocked properly. However I feel that his rock throw needs to be changed. Currently you can block the rock throw by jumping on Goliath’s back as opposed to flying in front of him. That sorely needs to be changed (The initial hitbox of the rock). Unfortunately this makes him probably one of the weakest monsters because he is reliably CC’d or blocked.


All this QQ.

Go watch a toturial how to kill Wraith if you have Problems with him.

problem solved!


The “tutorial” to kill wraith requires a very specific team comp where only one trapper is good enough to be considered viable and constant communication…oh and for you not to be in a pub. Meanwhile the Wraith’s tutorial is put points in decoy and SN, dash away until 2, proceed to murder hunter team.

If you have a problem with people complaining about Wraith’s very real problems then maybe you shouldn’t be on the forums. Problem solved!