So, about the rematch vote


When I got fed up off playing Evolve, I put the game aside for a month and let it change a little bit, waiting for the new maps and everything. Today i started playing again, and felt the thrill come back during my monster games. But there was no fun. You know why ? Because 4 different teams of hunters, seeing they were loosing, called for a rematch before they lose.


Edit : OKay I’m just stupid. Forget this was even said. Use the force


If the Monster votes no then it won’t restart, what’s the big deal? If you’re winning just refuse to restart and finish the match.


I know it feels that way, but there may be issues you aren’t seeing. Could be a bug on their end or something that is throwing the match off and restarting may fix it.

Or you are just tearing them apart and they want to try again. :smile:


Really ? Cause I voted no each time, still got the reset.


Ok. I just might have pressed The wrong key. Guess I can only blame myself then.


That’s not possible. The monster has to select yes along with one other hunter in order for a reset.


That’s likely what it is. I’ve had matches against pre-made teams where I was winning and they wanted to restart, but I voted no, and despite them all voting yes the match continued.


Lol this happened to me today and I accidentally pressed yes :cry:


I’m pretty sure you need a unanimous vote to pass a rematch


No, I believe its at least one hunter and the Monster.


They should just remove it honestly. I don’t know how many times I as a hunter have asked for a restart because someone wasn’t playing and monsters always vote no. I even sent someone a message telling him our trapper was trolling us. As a hunter I’ve never successfully restarted a match that had actually started. The worst part is that @skrewyluie and I beat 2 different monsters without a trapper this week.


How would a restart help in that case?



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