So about the reason as to WHY Behemoth is taking a ton of Damage


So apparently Behemoths entire body is a Critical hit factor while his belly causes 8x damage…

I was told this by a reliable source but I would like Developer confirmation on this just in case there is some slight confusion.


I sincerely doubt the 8x damage part. 3.5x damage lets Griffin’s SMG shred a Goliath. 8x? We’ve seen Markov AR it in the guts.

That thing would literally, actually melt it.


This effect might only work on Critical Capable weapons.

Bucket Rockets, Markov Mines and Lightning Gun, Flame thrower and what not might not be included in the amount of damage.

I was thinking that the crit damage was x4 but he said x8 so this is why I’m asking about a Developer confirmation.


Markov’s AR is capable of crits. ^.-

Oh my god I didn’t even do that on purpose. Spending too much time around @Shin. >.>


Maybe… but still though. There has to some reason as to why so many people are talking about taking so much damage just on a drive by from a Sloth or Mammoth Bird.


Common be at least a bit serious the only bug leading to too much damage on behemoth probably is that the critical hitbox is clipping a bit.

I don’t know how this whole x2,x4 etc nonsense started but you gotta stay calm. If you constantly did double damage you would notice that majorly.

Behemoth is simply a bit bigger and assaults like parnell/torvall profit majorly from that since their main weapon can crit and has a heavier spread.


^This. There is absolutely no way that Behemoth has an EIGHT TIMES crit zone on him. I’ll try and pull the vid where MaddCow tests damage multipliers and show you.


I mean over the last days the number got bigger and bigger. If it was x8 I would go cabot every round and solo behemoth :smiley:


^.^ <I’ve corrupted you even more. :laughing:


Ye i met mammoth bird… 1 hit and more than 1/3 hp bar lost :confused:


Yeah…I mean, I’m willing to believe that there’s a bug doubling all damage to Behemoth. It’s a stretch, but maybe it is true.

But eight times?



2 of the new hunters have shotguns and 3 of them have weapons that can hit crit targets and one of them is the Assault. Parnell can also hit like a truck and has a large enough spread to hit the crit zone with a pellet or two.

Just because the x2 shows up on the bar doesn’t mean the entire shot did x2. One pellet hitting is enough to register the icon.

Behemoth does have a larger crit zone than the others but its underneath him. Even aiming for his belly you’ll be getting maybe half to a third of your shot there if you want the entire shot to hit, unless you are nailing him as he rears.

I heavily doubt that Behemoth is taking 2x damage or more on any part he isn’t meant to. Certainly not more than that. If he had even 50% more health he’d be nigh unstoppable even at Stage 1.


As per @MacMan

Sounds like his weak spot was just way too big, and he also didn’t have quite as much health and armor as he should have given his super limited mobility. That’s what I take away from it anyway. Don’t think there’s any 4x or 8x nonsense going on.

Torvald’s mortars on the other hand… Fucking getting hit by those things even as Goliath I was literally getting burned for 3 bars of HP in a single barrage, and you can’t always dodge them reliably. Goddamn. Torvald was the only one up and I had to flee to get armor, and I had well over half health when I started in on him. I won the match eventually but one hunter should not be capable of forcing a monster to flee when he’s got that much HP.

(As an aside, I could have easily pounced him, but that’s no fun, whether I pounce or not, no one should be bringing that kind of punishment.)

The minimum range also seems really short, he’d just boost backwards once and launch.

I probably just need more practice against it, but I think the damage is WAY out of whack when someone is actually really good with it. The average player probably does more with the shotgun, but anyone landing even half their barrages will melt your face off.