So, about the new dome cooldown mechanics

Do you think this could make room for more ambush based plays?

Now that dealing damage gives you energy (albeit a small amount, but energy nonetheless) and the dome cooldown gets paused when the monster engages, I see this tactic being actually kind of viable, since you are at less risk of being domed while ambushing.

Of course I haven’t really thought about all the implications of this change, but I think it’s a step in the right direction for opening up other playstyles for monster players.

What do you guys think about this?

I think its an excellent idea and does totally open up room for ambush and hit and run play. Before, those were less possible because it was entirely possible that while you were engaging, the Dome cool down would finish and you would get caught at like no armor. This would also ‘punish’ players for attacking in between domes because a lot of the time you would be forced to disengage before getting anyone down because the cool down was almost done.

However, with it pausing during an engagement, this really promoted more of the hit and run tactic, because I feel that you can safely engage, get your downs, and then leave as needed without the fear of getting caught during a bad fight. I don’t see this being a problem for Hunters either really, because you want the Monster to be engaging you as much as possible before Stage 3, that was the whole point of the Dome in the first place after all.


It definitely encourages more hit and run styles, especially in being more strategic (something you see the pro monsters do often) by taking advantage of terrain to split the hunters to profit from it. Especially with Wraith Trap its easy to do.

However, I feel like hunter teams should now have less reason to split up and its better to stay together if the monster does that kind of playstyle.

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I hope to see a lot more of the power-doubles kind of splitting up and searching, as opposed to the spread half way across the map and sweep method, with Dome cool down pausing

This is my favorite change from the recent patch.

Time is the monsters enemy, but u were always slave to it.

Now u can get domed, once it drops rush more armor and re-engage immediately!! No more waiting (Wasting time)for the dome cooldown before engaging for fear of running out of armor too soon then getting domed!

One last change I would like to see to the dome timer is for its time to be reduced by pure damage, not just downs on hunters.

So u get evolve energy for each 3000 damage on hunters, thats fine and good, but u should also get dome time reduction for this damage.

If a stage 1 monster gets a bad dome he wants to mitigate the entire time, this isnt fun.
So if you encourage him to attack even when disadvantaged, more will, and this is more fun for everyone.

So even if you losing to the hunters and cant burst through their healing/shielding/slows/etc at stage 1, u would still go all in knowing every bit of damage you do means that much less permanent health loss u have to take.

Maybe make it a bit higher though, say every 5000 damage takes off 1min.
Probably not many monsters getting 25K in damage in a single stage 1 dome, so its just a measure to help a bit.

Right now u can be engaging hard and almost get a hunter down then your health drops to the amount required for the dome to fall and u get the down, so technically thats like an extra minute reduction that wasnt considered until the dome dropped.

There is a video trixie cat posted which shows exactly this effect and it feels wrong, she got the down as they got the 1.5bars of health from her. When really it should have been an equal split with her losing .75 of a health bar and getting a down.

Not sure how to tag her to ask if i can post it?

you kidding me? At high level of play monsters never take enough damage until they are stage 3 because of the hit and run. They go in do some damage get some meter fill, and without any lose to health. Then when they get low on armor they run away fill up and go back in. They can do that 2-3 times before the dome gets back up.
And at stage 3 fights they have all the time in the world. Go in get a strike get out, hunters can’t even dome for additional damage.
This change is the worst change I have ever seen, and every highlevel player thinks the same.

Do any of those high level players have any videos or streams where they expressed their thoughts on this change? I’m interested in what they have to say.

To be honest, I’m not sure why I’d bother doing anything different. A solid team is going to kick my ass for being anywhere near them. Actually trying to engage them to stop the dome timer seems like pure folly. If I’m close enough to attack, they’re close enough to do damage, and should I decide I dont want to attack anymore, heaven help me if they slow/harpoon/stasis me before the dome counter really DOES count down and leave me armorless and ready for hurt.

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certaintly here you go

It certainly sounds like it’s going to open up some options against a defensive composition. Between the damage filling up your evolve meter and the cooldown timer pausing, there’s little risk for monsters punishing hunters on the chase when they’re less likely to be managing their jetpack fuel. It’s going to be much easier to engage hunters on your terms.

Offensive comps won’t suffer as much. If they’ve got a Lazarus, then you’ve still got to hang around to deny any revival, whereas a Kala team will ensure you’re taking health damage every time you engage them.

It’s certainly a substantial Monster buff, but it’s going to take some time to see the effects as players adjust their play-styles in response to the changes.


Well at least, it’s true that Kala have gain a true value as a counter to this new hit-and-run playstyle. But no other hunter can counter this.

The main thing for me is that it punishes hunter aggression because the reality is that a monster only needs 5 seconds to get away (from a non-Sunny team). I understand that on some level the desire would be for monsters to be left to run by hunters but I also don’t think that’s why this system is in place.

It clearly helps monsters who decide they have enough armour right now to fight on, but would otherwise be punished for staying too long in that fight, and I understand that benefit even if it (for good or bad) shuts down matches with a skill discrepancy in favour of the monster.

I can see positives and negatives in this change, and I can’t quite get my head around if I think it’s a net good or a net bad. I feel frustrated that if the dome has 5 seconds to recharge that we have to try to stalk the monster and avoid engagement, but not so far away that we can’t come in and get the dome. It forces hunters to either really give the monsters a lot of freedom, or have people extremely stretched out, netiher of which are great for hunter play at a low to medium level.

How long does the dome timer pause? Maybe 15 seconds or so like the match timer?

Which types of damage dont count? Remember they removed Mimic and decoy from being able to stop the match timer at one point. I imagine that still applies to this timer pause?

I just really like the change as now monsters have a little say in combating time wasting hunter tactics.

And it will promote more fights so I would think its a good change for hunters too, unless they dont like fighting monsters?

The problem is that monsters can hit the hunters, try a combo for a strike, and run even if they aren’t successful, maybe 5 or 10 seconds are counted down on the timer and the monster is back with armor.

It’s not really the same as more fighting because the monster is fighting 100% on their terms, able to armor up, and repeat this near impossible to break through attack several times without any real consequence to itself other than the match timer.

I’m on the fence, but I don’t like what it opens up as a realistic strategy for monsters, it feels very flee til 3 in what it makes hunters feel like.

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I think, they should remove the Dome Cooldown Timer Pause once monster has advanced to Stage 3.

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Yeah well “monsters” have been more like “prey” in early match mechanics with all the chase comp/PS/4 dome/Sunny/solo buffs/etc.

Stage 2 has been all about fighting on the hunters terms so far so this is just a small shift to give monsters at least some management back.

Stage 1 almost every fight was on the monsters terms. Its nice to have even a small sliver of this back finally.

Now hunters also need to have at least the smallest amount of forethought before wasting their dome throw, where all skill and thought had been removed in this aspect since Stage 2 launched mostly.

A lone hunter doming a monster is now a worse idea, and this is how it should be, lone hunters should be dead hunters and be a disadvantage to the entire team, I think this change enforces that idea as it lets you drop the dome faster and fight out of the dome with some armor and not feel constantly pressured to run from the clock and rush to stage 3 by eating.

For me I am going to fight way more now and probably evolve faster as a result, so while I have more fun engagements the hunters get more total engagements.

I havent played the new version yet but it sounds real good and more fun for everyone which equals more player retention.

Maybe. But can you explain why you think so?

I can see it both ways, but the monster is already fighting 1 timer at that point anyways so I dont think it really matters.

If he keeps running for armor he will eventually lose on time out anyways, so not sure what advantage there is to be had?

It will help in close games at least where you are unable to dome the monster because the hit and run will pause the Dome Cooldown Timer. I could be wrong though.

I don’t mind the new dome changes. Still haven’t played with it enough to have a strong opinion either way. Until they nerf the planet scanner I won’t be trying to ambush hunters ever again so it changes nothing for my gameplan

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I’m not going to argue against this, but I’m also going to at this time say that I don’t think, on balance, that this is the solution to that problem IMO.