So, about the generator and timer.. OP?


What is stopping the hunters from splitting up into 4 single runners and going separate directions across the map while say Lazarus sits near the generator with a cloak and hits the monster until the timer runs out. Boom hunters win by default because the monster can’t kill them fast enough while chasing them all over the map and is unable to attack the generator due to a cloaked person shooting at him from who knows where.

EDIT #2: Lazarus’ sniper rifle apparently silenced but still gives HUD direction indicator? Weird… nvm then hehe


The time limit on the cloak, the general direction indicator for incoming damage, and the smell ability. Lots of discussion of this very topic going on in This thread


Good question, Lazarus’ cloak is not forever so it will eventually run out and need to recharge. There is also a directional indicator when you are hit as the monster so you will have an idea of where you are getting shot from. Once Laz is located by the monster he is going to have a hell of a time getting away. A Stage 3 monster can destroy a well balanced team, let alone one or 2 separated Hunters. Monsters also move faster and have better mobility so the “chase” doesn’t last long. Hope that answered your questions!


Also, I think the cloak stops whenever you fire. Am I right on this? So if the unlikely scenario you described were to happen the monster could just take out laz and go on destroying the generator.

And on top of that, I don’t think the “end game” timer ticks away while combat is occurring. So Laz shooting the monster essentially negates the strategy you’re suggesting


You sir, know your stuff.


It flickers, as in you become temporarily visible, but once you stop firing the cloak will continue for its remaining duration


Lazarus’s sniper rifle is silenced and gives no direction indicator while firing upon the monster.


But if he fires the rifle he loses the cloak so the monster can smell him


When the monster is attacking the generator, or being attacked, or attacking, the end game timer stops if it is the last few minutes.


No @Zaid8 your wrong it was stated earlier by I think @SlabOMeat or @MacMan that there is still an indicator of what direction you got hit from.


I was under that impression until last night, when a member of the dev team chimed in on it here


I think they meant there is a bullet mark on your body if you look carefully but there is no HUD indication from lazarus’ gun if I’m not mistaken.


I don’t care how quiet a gun is, if there’s a bullet in you, you know where it is


This was just pretty extensively discussed in a previous thread


I think the point is moot. The mere act of shooting both reveals him to the monster and stops the timer. Speaking from previous alpha experience the end game objective works perfectly


Got a link?


and yes, no point in having two threads on the same topic


The link was in my reply to you.


Not that specific plan but someone having a lot of problems with the generator. I’m on mobile so no link buy is the objective one


Ok I see the objective thread sorry… But everyone is talking about hunters entrenched defensively at the generator not necessarily what this topic is concerned about. More like a loophole plan.