So... About the core


I was an old version player… What the hell did you do to the core?

It dies in literally 10 seconds from monster attacks now.

The hell you thinking?


You mean the power relay?

It gets destroyed in 10 seconds unless the team is within 80 metres of it, where it deploys a relay shield.


what? its supposed to last 10 minutes destroying the generator?


It only dies quickly if the Hunters are far away from it. As more Hunters come within 80m of it, it gains a shield that severely reduces the damage the Monster is able to do to it. So the Monster must fight instead of just targeting the Relay for an easy win



Yes, but the range is so limit is pretty much reduces the ability to kite the monster while trying to survive. Especially when you are the last left or so and trying to delay to the count down respawns.


Maybe you should be a little more constructive and describe what it is you’re actually talking about instead of posting a thread with literally zero substance and analysis, ended with a derogatory comment such as this? Just a thought.

This is literally what I said when I saw your “thread”, lol.