So about parnell


Are we going to talk about how OP Parnell is? Am I the only one who notices how ridiculously easy he is to use?..


Can you explain how is he OP for you?


As in the combo of his rate of fire+damage+accuracy of the shotgun = dead behemoth in 2 minutes stage 3


Parnell is the easiest assault to counter as all you have to do is separate yourself and keep your distance.

Any time knocked back is valuable DPS not being dealt.

If anything he needs a buff as he is pretty lack luster when it comes to making a monster actually worry about him especially at longer range.


Well, Behemoth has a pretty easy to hit weak spot, so as monster you’ll need to keep moving and mess with his LOS


Or do that


Keep your distance from Parnell. He’s not really known for his range. He has to get up close to the monster to deal some massive damage. Combine him with a Cabot with Damage Amp, bunch of weak spots and headshot damage, and there goes 75% of your max Stage 3 armor in 2 seconds.


Yeah that shotguns spread is atrocious it’s just that behemoth is so big he’ll still land all pellets at a distance…personally though I find Parnell quite lackluster on all monsters other than behemoth :stuck_out_tongue:


You make it seem as if that isn’t the strategy with all of the assaults… Parnell’s shotgun effectively can hit across the dome and cause damage. The problem with Parnell is his DPS is so high that he is a high value target and creates a dangerous situation for the monster who has to now choose between him, the medic, the trapper, or hank.


His shotgun has spread that easily makes it do low damage after 40 or so meters.

You make it sound like I don’t use him at all…

Parnell is easy to counter because you keep your distance when he is at his strongest thus leaving him in his lack luster state of non SS.

Hyde and Markov are DPS based hunters who are easier to ignore initially but the damage adds up as they consistently do the same amount of damage as long as they are within range of you. Torvald is known for his more consistent bursty nature while Parnell is left there in the dust constantly wasting his jet pack catching up to the monster only to be knocked back by an ability he can’t dodge…

To easy to counter for the difficulty of playing him as you can never be consistent when it comes to damage even with his burst potential and all the monster has to do is either knock you around or just flat out avoid you for a couple seconds.


You make it seem like Hyde and Markov have extremely high DPS that Parnell is no where near having; they do have good DPS, but the fact that Parnell’s shotgun has farther effective range that the lightning gun and flamethrower doesn’t. And again, you’re making it seem like keeping your distance isnt the strategy for playing against all the assaults. You keep your distance from Markov, he can’t hit you with the lightning gun or mines, keep your distance from Hyde, and itll be hard for him to hit you with a bomb and flamethrower.

Parnell though, has slightly greater ranger, fast rate of fire, a very deep magazine, and much more consistent damage than Hyde or Markov; at least in my opinion. I just think he could use a slight capacity decrease, nothing more


Actually Hyde and Markov do have good high DPS.

There is a difference between DPS and Burst damage as DPS is consistent and never fluctuates in great incriminates thus allowing you to be consistent while burst damage is doing an insane amount of damage in a short amount of time. The trade off for being bursty is inconsistency as doing burst damage is like an on and off switch. You are either doing all your damage or little to none of your actual damage.

You seem to be getting the two mixed up.

Also the minigun and assault rifle have better DPS than the shotgun at longer range plus your shotgun burst damage is only active when using SS.

Parnell is incredibly inconsistent and easy to counter and there is no denying that.

Also the shotgun even while SS is active is not as effective at range as you make it out to be.


Hit him with a knockback attack. Vortex, Rock Throw, Charge, Leap Smash, even basic heavy melees. Do this when he pops SS, waste most of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


What I will typically do is try to get domed in a good place to easily break LOS when Parnell decides to use SS in the dome , then hide in there until Parnell tries to tear a new one on me, then B line it out. Repeat for a minute, engage other hunters that are most furthest way from our favorite assault.


He also sacrifices his HP for bonus damage making him one hit closer to being downed, and like people say knock im down that wastes his damage potential, it all comdz from SS procs, without that he has nothing


When playing monster, whenever he uses Super Soldier, (There will be a red glow around him, just incase you didn’t know) Use traversals to get away from him and break LOS during SS, Knock him back (Rock Throw, Vortex, Fissure, most Wraith abilities) But if you’re exclusively having trouble against him with behemoth, your best bet is to throw a rock wall up so he can’t get to you during SS.


Yes you are


Parnell is the laz of assaults, just counter his ss, and gg.
When he uses ss: rockwall/decoy/vortex him away/or just get the fuck outa there
Very simple


My friend Parnell is not overpowered, it is harder to land shots on Wraiths and Krakens. He is an assault that heavily counters behemoth, yes there’s no denying the damage he can do to behemoths because it is a bigger target, but he’s also easily countered. As much as I love playing Parnell I have to acknowledge that a behemoth with rock wall can easily waste super soldier when I pop it. In a dome he will pop SS about twice, so you need to be aware of those moments and react accordingly. The role of assaults is to apply positional pressure, and Parnell’s pressure is easily avoided. Having said that he will still do better damage than other assaults to your behemoth, so expect a tough match when you play against him.


parnell is god. what I can do in 10 minutes it takes the other assaults 20 to get near it. I average 17-20k in 10 minutes with parnell. hide and outrun my SS all you like. im running fast on your tail and landing rockets if your too far. I once took 5 bars out with rockets alone cuz i didint miss.

iv also never passed 50k with any other hunter besides parnell. id say 30-40k would be his average if the game goes the distance aka stage 3 20 minutes. no other assault can do that. and with auto aim how it is. markov is useless.