So about character choice in select screen


So I got in a few games last night, grabbed a friend and went off hunting. We played three where we couldn’t find enough hunters to fill the match. We ended up with a Val NPC (who was pant’s on head idiotic) who actually let the whole team die… it was absurd). But managed to squeak passed with a meager loss (Wraith had 1pip of hp left).

Second match I stepped into medic (Still couldn’t find one) and came with an over-the-top victory against behemoth.

Got into a third match against a kraken, and also had a win…

Then, something happened that I was really suprised about… the person I played the game with was forced into the trapper role… HE HAD NEVER PLAYED TRAPPER BEFORE… I offered to switch, but he decided to give it a try anyways… We fought a kraken… and he couldn’t dome the stupid thing at all :frowning: I won’t go into how long the match was, that it got to stage 3, that there was epic traversals and hiding… But our trapper got his last choice hunter and well… it showed. We still WON btw… yaaay buck uav.

Things I learned:
Just because people are in the match doesn’t mean they landed at a role they are good with. Check in advance to see if someone is uncomfortable with their role.

I realize that match making is REALLY hard right now on PC… There’s not enough players. Is there ANYTHING being done to help alleviate this?

Can you please look at Val’s programming. She’s a complete idiot when a Bucket is in the party. She doesn’t stay with the assualt or trapper, and ends up being bucket’s babysitter while in UAV mode. This allows for EASY Stage1 wins with an AI Val… This behavior is repeatable.