So a Wraith evolved into full HP after HP damage


@MacMan So I remember at the beginning of Evolve there was a glitch where a Monster could evolve and it would show like his HP had returned to full. It actually had not and was more or less a graphical error. He died all the same. Well about ten minutes ago my team fought a Wraith, no big deal. Two Domes later still at Stage 1, he waits until he has a bar of HP left then Evolves in the corner of the Dome. Odd but our Assault moves in to finish, he suddenly has full HP. We deal 2 bars of HP dmg before he finishes evolving. Now at this point his HP bar had shown full after engaging the in-combat evolve. We figured he had gained HP, and the old graphical error had occurred and he had barely escaped. End of the game rolls around? He lives with 3 quarters of an HP bar left. Which you may note, should have never been possible given the consistent damage over all stages. I had never seen this bug/exploit until after today’s micropatch and it ACTUALLY give full HP back. Yet I hate to say, it was pretty wrecking to morale for this jerk of a player to come out with the win.


I have had this happen to me as well (before the micropatch), a domed Stage 2 Wraith was about to die so she just trololol evolved in front of us. Stage 3 full life, minus the damage from people shooting her when they realized the game didn’t end.

It was totally unintended by the Wraith player but we still won the relay fight because lol Sunny.


Definitely strange. Keep an eye out. Any more reports or especially videos would be useful. What platform btw?


PC for me.

Edit: I think what’s causing this is that Wraith delays a bit in her death animation before it shows the “hunters have killed the monster” message, and if the evolve channel finishes during that, wrong things happen.


Oooh, that’s a good theory. @mrstrategio


Remembers me the same glitch that happened to Shak with Behemoth in a livestream ^^

Exactly the same glitch.


PC for me as well. It was super strange, and we were quite peeved he didn’t take the loss like a good sport. Though that’s neither here nor there. BTW Mac, get some sleep. Leave us players to the late night check ins=P


If you kill a monster in mid evolve animation, it will finish the animation with full health and the match continues. It happened on one of the 2K livestreams recently.

Edit: Here it is:
For reference, the link shows Crow shooting through the Behmoth’s armor to get the “kill” but Crow is not necessary. This was happening pre-T4 hunters.


I was watching that same stream at the time. I replayed it and came to the same conclusion. We’re aware of the issue and are working towards a resolution.