So a minor question about the medical practices of the future


So the release of Paladin Parnell has raised a serious question to me: why in the future is it considered acceptable to treat traumatic injuries by lobbing explosives at people?

I mean, I’m not medical engineer, but that has to be putting a lot of strain on the organs of the hunters getting healed in that fashion. Not to mention the possible long-term ramifications to the patients caused by any side effects of this “nebulous healing energy.”

Medical standards really seem to have dropped in time frame of evolve.


I think Caira has a conversation about this but I am struggling to remember it. In any case @Matthew might be able to answer.


Keep in mind- these guys are combat medics.

I’m sure that if someone gets injured they take them to hospital and treat that properly, but in the field, where these guys are? They’re locked in a box with a killing machine and the combat medical technology is all they have. So even if it hurts like hell or will cause severe consequences later, they have no choice because the alternative is death right there on the spot.

Plus, it seems like they’re less “explosions” and more of the projectile releasing a cloud of Generyst into the air which then speeds up mitosis to heal the hunters.


Did you know shooting generyst rocket on dead wildlife will bloody scar them? try it


The grenades release a radiation that causes cellular regeneration. Its like how Superman is healed by sunlight, except … normal people.

Its like happy cancer.


Even if they’re not high force explosions, you’re lobbing a high velocity projectile at someone with serious injuries, sometimes hitting them directly. Drastic straits or not, you’re striking someone who’s seriously hurt… that can’t be a good thing.

As far as this Generyst energy cloud is concerned, how is it even absorbed into the body? Its healing effects seem to be instantaneous, and if it indeed works by speeding up cell division, the gas itself has to somehow penetrate deep into the body - which leads me to conclude that it’s some kind of radiation. Also, if it’s working by accelerating natural healing processes, it would need to provide a large amount nutrients directly into the body while triggering the healing effect, otherwise simply the exertion placed on the body from the rapid forced healing would itself down the hunter.

I couldn’t see anything when I tried it, but I’m on minimum settings.


A combat medic is just a medic in the military, you know that, right?


It’s not a radiation. It’s mushrooms.


Right, which is what Val, Laz, and Slim are, and what Palnell’s suit was designed for. Emet is arguably a combat medic as well.

That only leaves Caira…


They’re not normal humans anyways. They’re like meta-humans. They’re pretty damn durable.


And when they completely die they appear again magically. this is some hi-tech voodoo
maybe the QaA with writer will tell us more. Clones do not make sense because you could just put 1000000hyde clones to attack monster and instant win.


I never imagined I’d see these four words in a sequence.

Damn. This is so quotable. Maybe I’ll put it on my senior page.

“It’s like happy cancer”

  • Turd Flinging Monkey, 2016


It would be hilarous if after the hunters respawned, they got replaced with faceless mooks that had the exact same ability set, but didn’t talk and were basically helmet guys. I.E. the hunter got “killed” for the round.


Yes, but in this context it’s referring to the fact that they’re medics working in an all out combat situation.


"Happy cancer"