So a draw...!? That happened


Seriously, it happened to me a couple of days ago. I was playing as Kraken, and wasn’t really having my best round. The hunters were on me constantly and it was hard to shake them. The hunters were Cabot, Caira, Markov, and Griffin(maybe, could have been Abe) and they were on their A game. They were cutting me off wherever I went making it hard to shake them. I was domed twice at stage one and taken down to two bars of health. I manage to elude them for a bit and get my armor back then suddenly, they corner me in a cave. I was certain they didn’t know I was in there as they were split about 100 yards from each other. I was hoping they would pass me by to continue the search, but I was even luckier than that. Caira decides she needs to be the one to peek in that cave. As soon as she steps in a vortex her deeper into the cave, cornering her. I start slapping her around with my tentacles(giggity) and shotgun some banshee mines into her until she’s down. Her teams shows up too late. They almost burn down my armor while I finish her off then I vortex them and book it the hell out of there hoping that without their medic they won’t give chase. They hang back and I finally have the time to hit stage two (Hello lightning strike!).

I felt better about this now. I about half health or so now and I’ve won games at stage two with less. I armored up and looked for a place with advantageous terrain for them to “find” me. I startle some birds and wait. They come, drop a dome, and the battle begins! Only it didn’t go my way. They dodged lightning strikes and vortexes with ease and my banshee mines were being shot into vapor before accomplishing their glorious explosions. I knew I was in trouble. During the battle I did manage to get enough experience(I guess?) to hit stage 3 but I knew they wouldn’t give me the time to evolve. I knew I had to make that time. I get a lucky vortex on the medic, separating her from her pals and proceed to finish her off again. I was in poor shape though. No armor and back down to two health bars, but I had time to evolve at least. I finally get to stage three but the round was going too long. I had less than two minutes to armor up and attack the hunters to freeze the timer, but I somehow manage.

The final battle begins. I try to focus on the medic, but she proves elusive. I had to jump my targets around while trying to catch the medic off guard with a lightning strike or vortex. I get lucky. A lightning strike barely catches her and kills her outright. Unfortunately while I was busy focusing on the medic the Markov was just ripping me apart with his lightning gun (I know… I was in range of it as a Kraken, like I said at the beginning it wasn’t by best round). The medic was dead though so I had a chance. I down Cabot next because of damage amp and couldn’t afford to let him slip away with cloak. At this point I have no armor and Markov is still laying into me with whatever he can use. By the time I get the trapper down I had no armor, very little health , and no time to leave the battle to get armor. My health so low enough that fleeing would have most likely ended in my death anyways so I decide to stick it out and do my best to finish this assault off. He’s laying into me hard and I’m doing the same. I’m just hovering around in the air above him desperately trying to finish him off. Suddenly I nail him with a lightning strike and take him down to a sliver of health, but I have only a sliver of health myself and my abilities are on cooldown. I pelt a normal ranged attack at him, my last hope, but it was too late. Just as I release it my health reaches zero and that was it…

…or so I thought. My ranged attack was still in play and hits him during the beginning of my death animation. He goes down. The words “DRAW” appear on my screen and I was dumbfounded. I never even considered this a possibility in this game. I really wanted to talk to the hunters about it but my computer crashed while I tried to take a screenshot of the “DRAW” screen(I didn’t get it :frowning:). The only proof I have is in the memories of the four hunters I played with and mine, but I just had to share.

Sorry for the long windedness of the post, but seriously… what were the odds?


3720 to 1. Congrats on one of the rarest events in Evolve.


Yep, it’s a thing. It’s happened only a few times, but it’s a thing.

The first ever draw- in a games convention in June last year- actually crashed the game. Devs didn’t know it was possible, didn’t create protocol for it, and… well.


wow i also managed to get a Draw in 1 Round there we both teams died at the same time ^^


DRAW?! woah i never thought that be possible hopefully someone will post a picture of it


I liked your story, to bad your game crashed though. Video or it didn’t happen :smiley: just kidding, but i would really like to see this fight, must have been epicly fun. When i play as monster, my heart is pounding and it’s pure adrenaline rush for me, when it’s finally over i don’t care if i won or lost, finally i can relax, it’s over and dust has settled… it’s done… uff… it feels like it lasted 30 minutes, but then you watch the screen and game was 12-15 minutes… Now that’s what i call relativity…


ive had a draw with wraith last to huinters were downed and we killed it with pistols. Draw